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Planet Earth

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Peak records

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Musical Influences


Chill Out and Daytime Trance

Current Top 10

-Flooting Grooves "Birds" (Peak) release soon
-Master Margherita & Flooting Grooves "Ombra" (Electrik Dream)
-Dub Alchemist "MF Rainbow" (Interchill)
-Patchwork "Somothraki" (Electronic Soundscapes)
-Nalepa "Pomme Granite Dub" (Celestial Dragon)
-Tratosphere "Paprika Market" (Rubbish)
-Adham Shaikh "Bellydancer" (Sonic Turtle)
-Mauxuam "Kalakuta" (unrelease)
-Samuel Hall Band "Hells Bells" (Urgence disks)
-Midival Punditz "Ali (Tapan's Deep Blue Mix)" (Six Degrees)

All Time Top 10

-Henry Mancini : Theme from The Pink Panter
-Jimmy Hendrix : who knows
-Pink Floyd : shine on you crazy diamond
-Rare Earth : ma
-AC/DC : big balls
-Funkadelic : cosmic slop
-The Prodigy : poison
-Leftfield : release the pressure
-Spirit Jack : slow burning
-David Hykes : rainbow voice

Favourite DJs

Mix Master Mike

Favourite Labels

Wordsound, Axiom, Sub Rosa, The Leaf Label, ect...

Favourite Artists

AC/DC, Jimmy Hendrix, Rare Earth, Miles Davis, Pete Namlook, Bill Laswell, ect.....


Upcoming Events

23.12.2006, DMT Xmass party, Bulach, Switzerland
22.02.2007, La Ruche, Lausanne, Switzerland
29.03.2007, Cully Jazz Festival, Switzerland
02.06.2007, Mental Soup Festival, Switzerland
11.08.2007, Crystal Moon Festival, Italy
25.08.2007, Butterfly Dance Festival, Greece

Previous Events

-Souclipse Festival 2006,Antalya, Turkey
-Life Festival 2006, Tulamore, Ireland
-Boom Festival 2006, Idanha Nova, Portugal
-Zoom Party 2006-2004-2003, Zurich, Switzerland
-Hadra Festival, Gap, France
-Lots of partys around Europe and ect......

Radio Appearances

Highlight of Career



-YACHTCLUB VA, Palomeri, Yachtclub Records 2007
-MASTER MARGHERITA, Mastura, Electrik Dream Records 2007
-DROPOUT PROD VA, Space divers, Drop-Out Production 2006
-MINISTRY OF SOUND VA, Steve Lawler VIVA, Ministry of Sound, 2006
-PEAK RECORDS VA, Peakopath, Peak Records 2006
-PERSON, Faire ou ne pas faire, Sick Swan Records 2006
-GUESS WHAT, High Heels EP, Guess What Records 2006
-VOIE SENSIBLE, Pensées, Bernunes 14 2006
-KAGDILA RECORDS VA, Peace Therapy 2, Kagdila rec 2006
-ELECTRIK DREAM RECORDS VA, Cosmik Chill “Red”, Electrik Dream rec 2006
-MCP RECORDS VA, Sonarcotik, Marseille City Pressure Records, 2006
-PEAK RECORDS VA, Utopeak, Peak records, 2005
-PEAK RECORDS VA, Chillogram, Peak records, 2005
-PEAK RECORDS VA, Hocus Peakus, Peak records, 2005
-PEAK RECORDS VA, Chilling Goddess, Peak records, 2005
-PEAK RECORDS VA, Peaking in tongues, Peak records, 2004
-IXIEME, Journal d'un prisonier, Peak records, 2004
-PEAK RECORDS VA, Peak’a’Boo, Peak records, 2004
-PEAK RECORDS VA, Peaking Goddess, Peak records, 2003
-ESX TRIO : Flibuste, Casalinga Prod-Les Hérétiques-Forget Me Not, 2003
-VOIE SENSIBLE : La musique ce regard, Bernunnes 14, 2003
-TRANSMEKANIK VA, Chronos Project, Transmekanik, 2002
-MASTER MARGHERITA : ambient, Casalinga Production, 2002
-TRANSFORMATION : Medicine & Dance, Casalinga Production, 2002
-MASTER MARGHERITA : a.e.l., Casalinga Production, 2001
-DR ROOTS feat NYA, TOTORHEAD, M-MARGHERITA & YVES ALI : forward the Bass, Casalinga Production, 2000
-THE BUD EXPERIENCE : The bud Experience, Casalinga Production, 2000
-MOT COMPTE TRIPLE : Bouilla'bass, Casalinga Production, 2000
-THE SISMIK NAPKINS ADVENTURE : Tales of coïncidences, L177, 2000
-LIVINGDROM : Livingdrom, Disco Inform, 2000
-MOT COMPTE TRIPLE : Ta figure, casalinga, 1999

Upcoming Releases

-The Peaking Goddess Collective first album, Peak rec 2007
-Next Peak rec chill out VA
-Parvati/Mindawave Rec chill VA
-Samuel Hall Band



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