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Berlin * Germany

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Insulin Productions / TribalTools


EvilKnivel Records / Spontaneous Aerobics

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dark Night Kick Rocking PsyTrance /// kicking happy Morning Trance

Current Top 10

MAY 2005:
1. Double REL – Viva La Wav (Ketuh)
2. Quasar – Hofman Overdrive (Doof)
3. Terminator – Kfsbk on submarine (Inpsyde Media)
4. Double REL vs. Cosmo – Wipped Out (Temple Twister)
5. Alternative Control – Esperanto (Oxygen)
6. Damage – Can´t Stop (Deja Vu)
7. Happyleptic – Broken Windows (Alkaloid)
8. Broken Toy – Fucking Machines (Alchemy)
9. Toxic – Splitminds (Temple Twister)
10. Naked Tourist – Critical State (Manic Dragon)

All Time Top 10

... coming soon!

Favourite DJs

DJ Ant - EvilKnivel Records, Daksinamurti, Trevor, DJ Ralle

Favourite Labels

EvilKnivel, Ketuh, Oxygen, Doof(lex), Nexus Media, Parvati, Alkaloid, Peak, Hypnotica, Bhooteshwara Rec., Spontaneous Aerobics

Favourite Artists

Quasar, Toxic, Double REL, Naked Tourist, Elektrypnose, Azax Syndrome & many many more


Upcoming Events

some in India, Malaysia, Ireland and of course Germany

Previous Events

Sun Splash Festival (Israel)
Sonar Plexus Festival (Hungary)
Acid Test (Poland)
PsyMoon Ritual (Switzerland)
Indian Spirit Festival (Germany)
Nation Of Gondwana (Germany)
Sternenstaub (Germany)
Ballloonia Label Festival (Germany)
Mushroom Chaishop Tour (Germany)
Odyssee 2005 & 2006 (Germany)
DreamTime Festival (Germany)
Elfentanz Festival (Germany)
Shiva Moon (Germany)
5th Anniversary of Hallabanaha (Warsaw / Poland)
Kotumba Beatz (Munich / Germany)

Radio Appearances

Chromanova Radioshow

Highlight of Career

SunSplash Festival 2003 Israel - playing together with percussion & FX of Star Sounds Orchestra

Upcoming Releases

a compilation is coming soon



Merry:) - this is the description of the mood which I want to reach by my sets on the dance floor. Besides, I pay attention that the energy of the smile on maximum runs. Besides, not only the Mixing, but also the whole impulse counts while hanging up. Since smile is infectious, as everybody knows :)

Not on a style line straight ahead, rather by a lively sine curve from a musical fairy tale I want to allow to do the dancers. Besides, I dive in the worlds of dark PsyTrance up to the melodic FullOn, but always with a certain Kick-Drum which touches the nervous systems and the synapses allows to thrash what, besides, tipping out all luck hormones will cause.
Then I am also happy as DJ ;)

I´m working together with friends in following projects:

Space Brothers
- together with MovingTool as the energetic Live drum Performer.

- together with Daksinamurti - trippy PsyTrance full of ShivaPower - full on forward on the dancefloor - booM!

- dark and fast - together with friend Ralle - the small and the big one brings the hell to the dancefloor with a big smile ;)

- a Psy Down Chill Grooves - smooth Sounds project together with friend Space Daddy - the Daddy of Space sounds

Something more is growing....

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