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Merry Prankster

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Varun and Karan Mohta




Bombay, India

Producer since:

10 months



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Musical Influences


night music

Current Top 10

Quasar - Glossalalia
Fractal Cowboys - Mega Jesus of Evil
Quasar - Hoffmann Overdrive
Jellyheadz - Georgio Armani
kemik al - album
Bug Funk - Gamma for Roses
Kindzadza - Fight or Die
Xenomorph - Schizoid Transpersonal Progression
Grapes of Wrath - Gandalf
Neuron Compost - Dragon Poo

(in no specific order except for the top 3)

All Time Top 10

Azax Syndrom - Shinjitzu and South of Hell
Osom - Acid Tonic
Psykovsky - Inner Disorder
Kindzadza - Whats in the box and Na Ostrov
Psychotic Micro - Love Story (all thier old music was insane)
Droidsect - Poltergeist
Activate Morlack - couple of their tracks were crazy
Derango - Welkin

Favourite DJs

theo, gil, fractal cowboys,

Favourite Labels

serephana, disco valley, moe, ketuh

Favourite Artists

fractal cowboys, xenomorph, parasense, azax syndrome, derango, fungus funk, Kemik al and many more..


Previous Events

Delhi - Live - Schizobot vs Merry prankster (2006)
Bangalore- Holi party - Live Schizobot vs Merry prankster (2006)
Kolkatta - Dj Set Merry prankster (2005)

Studio Setup

p4 512 mb ram pc
panasonic hifi speakers
flstudio 6
lotta vst s

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