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Mick Aurora

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Mick Aurora





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Anomaly Media



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Musical Influences


Psychedelic Trance n laser performace

Favourite Artists

Jeanne Michelle Jarre
Squiffy Vision (Byron Bay)
Field of Dreams 4


Upcoming Events

Booked for life......busy career many places to go and people to dazzle.

Previous Events

Perfoming live laser shows in Australia since 1995
JunglePunks- Speaka Freaka, Habitual Ritual, ect. ect.
Liquid Labrynth 96-97- Triptical Brainforest, ect. ect.
Czech Republic/Prague 1997-2002
Elixir 4
Elixir 5
Parinthium (newEcrew)
Spazmodic Disorder (newEcrew)
Earthdance 03 (DMT)
Astrix and Bamboo Forest (TQuest/Earthcore)
Honey Palace @ The Metro, Byron Bay ect. ect.
Club Vortex
Club Phoenix
Big Day Out 2004
X-Dream (Earthcore)
Cycle Logical (DMT)
Amalga.mate NYE 04-05
Cypress Hill
Ed Rush
USE Xamounts.....
Hedonix parties Xamounts.....
Rave in Orlando Florida
Openair dance party in Cambridge UK
and many many more to mention for a decade of international lighting artistry experience and dj perfomances... ........

Also full time employed in the corporate A/V industry. As well as director of Anomaly Media which offers laser show solutions, video film, multimedia and A/V for all types of events including special effects and caters for special occasions and conventions.

Highlight of Career

Lasers at Czechtek 2001 for 50'000 people.



Started laser shows in High School inspired by the laser show at the World Expo 1988 in Brisbane and my grandfather & mentor expert electronics engineer after painstaking efforts I accuired my first laser from the US in 1990 before even laser pointers were existant. With some motors and mirrors and a small varible controller I built a laser projection system for a high school science project......possibly one of the first of its kind....nobody believed it was mine.....since then I have spent over a decade building up my laser, sound and lighting experience. My initial project was Aurora as part of the Junglepunks and Liquid Lab parties in the mid 90's.....I then moved to the Czech Republic and started a small business with lasers and party promotion, this was very succusful because we pioneered the concept as the first to introduce lasers to the party scene in the post communist Czech Republic.....which since those times is now party central for all of Europe.....after a string of success I moved back to OZ and started up Anomaly Media with Lachlan Grant (APC magazine).
We now deliver top qaulity small high power lasers of all colours all controlled by pc to all aspects of the market especially the corporate sectors.....psytrance is a hobby and passion for us so we reularly support the scene with our experience and technology.

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