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Greg Farley




Marina, California

Producer since:

August 2003

Production Company:

Straylight Productions


Mistress of Evil Recs, Trishula Recs

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Musical Influences


Night Music

Current Top 10

Mubali - Spacial Distortion (Trishula unrl.)
BohdiSattva 13:20 -PAC vs. R2 (Truffle Recs)
Patchbay - The Hunted (Unrl.)
Dronebixie - Zo Moth (Trishula)
Para Halu - Creatures of IGY (Parvati)
Kerosene Club - Lost Souls Depot (Temple Twisters)
Naked Tourist - Lunatic Asylum (Parvati)
Baphomet Engine - Dark Prince (Nabi)
Ocelot & Mubali - Moodswinger (Manic Dragon)
Ocelot - Snooze Control (Dropout)

All Time Top 10

Droidsect - Poltergeist (Parvati)
Absolum - Regenerated (TIP)
Neuromotor - Fuck the Israeli Dat Mafia Trance Express (Acidance)
OSOM - Acid Tonik (Parvati)
Nothing Special - Headless Horseman (Acidance)
Para halu - In Nomine (Mistress of Evil)
Xenomorph - Abominations (Koyote)
Digital Talk - Maniac (unrl)
Hux Flux - Calculus (Koyote)
C.R.M.B. - We're having a Party (3D Vision)

Favourite DJs

Paradigm, Michael Liu, Dimitry (G.B.U.), Joti Sidhu.

Favourite Labels

Parvati, Acidance

Favourite Artists

Absolum, Xenomorph, Kindzadza, Grapes of Wrath, Meteloids.


Upcoming Events

Phoenix Festival

Previous Events

Lots of events based in Northern California and parts of Oregon

Highlight of Career

Playing with Xenomorph.... I was just a dj at the time, but it was the coolest thing that had happened to me.


M.o.E. (Mistress of Evil), Shake Lasta (Trishula), Moodswinger [with Ocelot] (Manic Dragon)

Upcoming Releases

Skilled Awakenings (Insomnia), and one more on Trishula (you'll have to wait for the title...)



I am a new producer from outside of San Francisco. I have a few released tracks and am working on an album. I like making aggressive but danceable music.

Studio Setup

1 Dell Inspirion 5150 3.06 Ghz laptop & maudio Firewire 410 soundcard... Logic 5.5 and vsts....

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