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Current Top 10

-Growling Machines - Dream On
-Alternative control - Alt + Ctrl
-Dynamics-Make Me
-Sirius Isness - Shoot
-Space Cat vs Sento Sesto- Getting High Power (Cosmic Tone rmx)
-Menog - Digital Feeling
-Massive - Stopping My Mind
-Talamasca - Get It All

-XSI-A Frenchman in Tokyo

All Time Top 10

Tristan, Electric Universe, Space tribe, Astrix, Eskimo, Wrecked Machines,Frantic Noise,Bliss,Menog,Dynamics,XSI,Talamasca,Sirius Isness, MFG, Twisted Systems,Space Cat, Azax Syndrom, CPU,ESP,Pitch Hickers,Shift,Damage,Alien Project

Favourite DJs

-Ryo -Astrix -Talamasca -Simon Postford

Favourite Labels

-Spirit Zone
-Tip Rec
-Spun Rec
-Mind Control Rec
-Timecode rec
-Space tribe music
-Nexus Media
-Dark Prisma

Favourite Artists

-Wrecked Machines
-Space Tribe
-Pitch Hickers
-Twisted System
-Sirius Isness


Previous Events

-Earthdance 2005 (New Caledonia)
-Tribedelic 2005 (31th of december 2005) (New Caledonia)
-Silicon Eclipse 2006 (With Davina => "Sirius Isness")
-Caledonian Trance Connection (New Caledonia)
-Trance Connection 2 (New Caledonia -> Ilot Canard)
-Guigui's Birthday (jet7)
-Zodiac (Ninja Bar on 1st july 06)
-Free Party Tontouta (on 14th july 06)
-Sonic Attack (APAP on 5th August 06)
-Trance Room (Kuendu Beach with Bexta 12th August 2006)
-Electric Karma(Ninja Bar on 26th August 06)
-Earthdance 2006 (APAP at Ko We Kara)
-Trance Illusion (7th october 06 at yaté)
-Halloween Trance party (APAP 4th november)
-Alien Explorer (Ninja bar 24th november)
-Fluomania (APAP 16th december with Sirius Isness & Talamasca)
-Trancegression (Loft Bar 31th december 06)

Radio Appearances

Ocean Radio =>Atomix travel mix

Highlight of Career

-Fluomania (APAP 16th december with Sirius Isness & Talamasca)


-Space Shampi (free cd)
-Paranormal Effect (free cd)
-Atomic Travel (free cd)



I listen to trance since I'm 14 years old, and I really love this music and the spirit of freedom which surrounds it. I mix since February 2005 and I begin mix at the party thanks to the APAP.

Thanks APAP.

Studio Setup

-CDJ 100S, 200
-Numark DXM 06/Allen & Heath Xone92
-Kaoss pad
-EFX-500 Pioneer

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