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Ryan Schofield




Melbourne, Australia

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OH-ONE records

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Musical Influences


electrogressivetechnotronica ...or something to that effect

Favourite Artists

I LIKE (in alpabetical order): gabriel ananda, an on bast, antix, aphex twin, apparat, artifakt, audiofly, audiojack, audion, autonomech, basement jaxx, bjork, stephan bodzin, booka shade, boys noize, the chemical brothers, cirez d, crookers, daft punk, deadbeat, deadmau5, diplo, d-nox & beckers, dubfire, eat static, nathan fake, john lord fonda, green velvet, peter gun, heartthrob, james holden, oliver huntemann, juno reactor, justice, kaya project, kink, the knife, DJ krush, sebastien leger, lusine, mantrix, martinez, MIA, minilogue, mr bungle, mr oizo, nine inch nails, nirvana, OTT, portishead, prefuse 73, the prodigy, radiohead, rage against the machine, the red eyes, the red tree, rekorder, rhythmik, marc romboy, DJ shadow, shpongle, thomas schumacher, sigur ros, alex smoke, son kite, sonic youth, squarepusher, sun control species, switch, talpa, john tejada, ticon, trentemoller, tool, the velvet underground, vitalic, claude vonstroke, thom yorke, etc, etc, etc...


Upcoming Events

Earthdance Launch party @ Roxanne Parlour 24/8/07
w/ Autonomech (live), Shadow FX, Stuart McKeown, Motive, >>>oblique_industries, The Red Tree (live), Selwa, d-Rektional, The Blank Theory (live) & Numatica (live)

Polynated CD launch @ Hope St Warehouse 7/9/07
w/ Heath Myers, Simon Slieker, >>>oblique_industries + more TBA

Earthdance @ Collingwood Childrens Farm 16/9/07
BASS BIN LADEN, SS PECKER & >>>oblique_industries + special guests (closing ceremony).

Sundance Records Party @ TBA 29/9/07
w/ R.A.Z. (Live/Israel), Franny (NSW), Luke Shamanix, Nachoes, Ampoule, Generator, Ed-motive, C-matic, Juiced, Pedro, Acca vs Pollix,
>>>oblique_industries, Atonix & Thermalfish(live)

Entheogenesis Australis @ TBA 30/11-3/12/07

Previous Events

Earthcore global carnival @ Skipton (24/11/07) w/ Extrawelt, Tipper & Luke Vibert
Maya Festival @ CERES (20/10/07) w/ Sun Control Species, Gavin Martin & The Red Tree
Sundance Records Party @ Bacchus Marsh (29/9/07) w/ Ed-motive, Pedro & Atonix
Earthdance @ Collingwood Childrens Farm (16/9/07) w/ Mantrix, Rhythmik & deep fried dub
Polynate @ hope st warehouse (7/9/07) w/ Heath Myers, Simon Slieker & Superfluous Nipple
Earthdance Launch Party @ Roxanne Parlour (24/8/07) w/ Stuart McKeown, Motive & The Red Tree
RRR FM benefit @ CARNI (21/7/07) w/ The Red Eyes, Aaron Smiles & Deep Fried Dub
Winter Solstice - Autonomech, Rhythmik and Rogue
Royal Doof 4 @ (9-11/6/07) – Queen’s Birthday Long Weekend w/ Sun Control Species, Simon Slieker & Miss Atonix
Synchronicity @ TBA (11-12/5/07) w/ Shamanix, Al Diddy & Dr Zaius
Bio-tone @ Dream Nightclub (31/3/07) w/ Naked Tourist, Continuum & Ugo-Beat
Akasha Festival @ Sale (23-26/2/07) w/ Peter Gun, Haldolium and Jack Unit
Maitreya Festival @ Brimpaen (16-18/2/07) w/ Ott, Son Kite and Antix
Rainbow Serpent @ Beaufort (26-29/1/07) w/ Alex Smoke, D-Nox & Ticon
Tribeadelic Afterparty @ Brown Alley (5/1/07) [as percussionist for Kaya Project] w/ Digitalis, Jeppe (Phoney Orphants) & Natasha
Tribeadelic @ Undera (30/12/06 - 1/1/07) [as >>>oblique_industries as well as percussionist for Kaya Project] w/ Shakta, Autonomech & Kali
Dejavu @ Dream (25/12/06) w/ Mr Perculiar, Auricle & Asha
Summer Solstice @ Opoeia (15-17/12/06) w/ Loopus In Fabula, COSM & Jigsaw
Satori 3 @ Gorge Park (10/12/06) w/ Johno, Si.Continuum and Psy-ku
Earthcore @ Undera (24-26/11/06) w/ Shulman, Micheal Mayer and Antix
Infinite Evolution @ Brown Alley (17/11/06) w/ Mr. Perculiar, Hyperception and Blue MD
ORGANK MAGIK @ Opoeia (10-12/11/06) w/ Ganga Giri, Mantrix & Paul Kearney
PHONOSCOPE @ opoeia (14-15/10/2006 w/ Vibrashere, Sun Control Species & Spoonbill
Earthdance festival (closing ceremony) @ collingwood children's farm (17/9/06) w/ Dakini, Benza & Jack Unit
Noise Bar (31/8/06) w/ Stereovolvo and Unit
Earthdance Launch Party @ The Heist Bar 25/8/06) w/ Sun Control Species, Tristan Boyle & Tetrameth
"it's an... it!" @ ace morning (22/7/06) w/ catatonic project & sai-ku
OM-TRIBE after-party @ clifton festival park (22/7/06) w/ sai-ku, catatonic project & corayson
PSYCHOACTIVE @ PUBLICITY 14/7/06 w/ steve barr, syzmix & kundalini
oztrance's 4th birthday @ brown alley 30/6/06 (VS rainbow architect) w/ zaius, gonzo and sam i am
Winter solstice @ opoiea w/ sun control species, shadow FX and tetrameth
Royal Doof III 10-12/6/06 w/ Alias, Jonny Mac and Unit
EGA @ Opoeia 2-4/6/06 w/ Krusty, Rich and Rogue
Ace Morning 26/5/06 w/ Thiago Miranda, Syzmix, and Psy-ku
MONKEY ISLAND III @ depot hotel - 16/5/06 w/ rainbow architect, gonzo and dave c
SUMMER SERENADE @ CERES - 30/4/06 w/ krusty, andrew till and rainbow architect
SMUG @ noise bar - 31/3/06 w/ fractal glider, tim harvey and phat kontrollerz
AKASHA FESTIVAL - 24-26/2/06 w/ atmos, peter gunn and jack unit
PSYFARI - 17-18/2/06 w/ Kali and electric BBQ
SUBMERGE @ Opoeia - 12/2/06 (as a guest of Earthling) with Aes Dana and Hideyo Blackmoon
SMUG @ noise bar - 10/2/06 (as part of: "Jam session between strangers") w/ Zenergy (live) and Sun Control Species
SMUG @ Royal Melbourne Hotel - 20/1/06 w/ Sun Control Species and Sensient
A TRIBEADELIC GATHERING 30/12/05 - 2/1/06 w/ Rinkadink, Popstream and Talpa
NEO SOUND SESSIONS 003 @ Ace Morning Bar - 15/10/05 w/ Modular (live) and Chiba Bros
Freebase @ Seven - 2/10/05 w/ Alias and Hugo
Tranceportal @ Ruby's - 24/9/05 w/ Mantrix and Two Words
Organic Mechanics @ Ace Morning 7/05 w/ Etonloupe and Psyku
Sol Psy-Cle: One Revolution @ Brown Alley - 7/05 w/ Mantrix and Peshwari Collective
Organic Mechanics @ Dight's Falls - 4/05
Organic Mechanics @ Ace Morning - 3/05 w/ IOS and Psy-ku
Abstract communications @ Terra Firma - 2/05 w/ Soulquest residents
Rainbow Serpent (Radio) @ Beaufort - 1/05
Abstract Communications @ Terra Firma - 1/05 w/ Soulquest residents
Organic Mechanics @ Mt. Dissapointment 12/04 w/ Psy-ku and Catatonic Project
New Growth Festival @ Toolangi State Forest 12/04 w/ Gavin Martin and Psy-ku
Union #2 @ Harcourt - 12/04 w/ Gimme A Break Crew and Siaqua
Fathom @ Brown Alley - 10/04 w/ Ferris
Jaara Camp Benifit - 11/05 w/ Krusty and Dakini
Visceral @ Republika 8/04 w/ Aaron Smiles and Dakini
Full Moon Electravaganza @ Hi-Fi - 7/04 w/ Morph and Alias
Pure - 7/04 w/ Peshwari and Skootz
Organic Mechanics @ Toolangi State Forest - 6/04 w/ Aaron Smiles and Ferris
Shroomz @ Wombat State Forest - 3/04 w/ Fractal Glider and Organic Magic

Radio Appearances

Rainbow Serpent Radio, Macht (SYN FM), the psy trance show on Sub FM...

Highlight of Career

Eartdance closing ceremony 2006 / Rainbow Serpent 2008


polynated (2007)
organic magik (2006)
22 (>>>oblique_industries debut artist album) (2005)
Megabites: PBS FM electronic music compilation (2005)
As Seen On TV EP (2003)
War Against War EP (2002)



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>>>oblique_industries was formed by musician/composer Ryan Schofield in 2001. Almost hypnotically drawn to the Australian outdoor electronic music scene after years performing in various rock bands around Melbourne, Ryan still has a strong leaning toward live music. Always an act to watch, >>>oblique_industries’ combination of organic instruments including percussion, voice and guitars with electronic synths, samplers and drum machines, together with an electric onstage energy, sees his performances create a unique fusion of sound and visual style.

Ryan somewhat mischievously explains his music as ‘eclectic electronica’ or ‘eclectronica’. Incorporating everything from chill beats and dub, to minimal, electro, techno, breaks and progressive into his live and DJ sets, >>>oblique_industries has been compared to Juno Reactor, Shpongle, Aphex Twin, Trentemøller, Vitalic, Son Kite and The Chemical Brothers, just to name a notable few. From organic, earthy tones to digital bleeps and squeaks; the upbeat to the downright nasty. The variable dynamic in moods and atmospheres of an >>>oblique_industries set is like a journey through life, but faster...

Throughout his impressive career, Ryan has performed at some of Melbourne’s premier outdoor festivals, all the time crossing, blending, and obscuring the boundaries of genre & style. Memorable performances include Akasha Festival, Maitreya Festival, Rainbow Serpent Festival, Tribeadelic Gathering, Earthcore Global Carnival and Earthdance as well as numerous club dates performing either as headliner or support for a wide variety of local and international acts including live collaborations with Kaya Project (UK) and Mantrix. >>>oblique_industries has also gained a reputation for special performances including guest musicians playing an array of instruments from around the world, one highlight being the closing ceremony for Earthdance Melbourne 2006 which featured 8 guest musicians playing violin, cello, nylon string guitar, didgeridoo and percussion.

Releases include ‘War Against War EP (2002)’, ‘As Seen On TV (2003)’, and >>>oblique_industries’ first full-length album, ‘22’ (2005). Tracks from the album can be heard on radio and dancefloors around the world. Ryan is currently working toward a new >>>oblique_industries record.

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Studio Setup

Hardware: 2 PCs, Percussion kit (2 rack toms, 1 floor tom, 2 roto toms, bongos, hi-hats, crash, splash, crash/ride, tambourine, shakers, etc), guitars, bass, hammond and assorted organs, cello, trumpet, xylophone, zurna, casio rapman, mattel synsonics drum machine, Numark DXM 06 2ch mixer, microphone as well as various other bits and pieces i can get sounds out of.

Software: Buzz ( and whatever other programs come in useful when i need them.

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