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Michael Fitzgerald




Melbourne, Australia

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Psychedelic Miscellaneous



Homage to the Lost Soul (2008)



The human behind the Oxygene project resides in Melbourne, has many varying polymathic projects, both creative and intellectual. The Oxygene moniker is to provide bounds to that part of his creative pursuits defined as psychedelic electronic music that is not reliant on traditional ’dance’ or ’electronic’ structure. It varies strongly in tempo and structure and is written in a more ’stream of conciousness’ state of mind rather than worrying about traditional forms. To some extent this is a concious decision to write music unconciously, by turning off the critical faculties of the mind and tuning more into the more automatic emotive reactions that arises from spontaneity. For this reason, the music created is not for all tastes, but rather human to this music will hopefully, more than more familar musical forms, be more sensitive to differing mental states between humans. Oxygene’s music is hence not created for the masses, or for a niche market where there is a previously provided framework, but rather for whoever may have a random disposition to this music. Although this is the main intention, it does draw a lot of inspiration from varying forms of psychedelic trance and intelligent dance music... but also drawing more abstract and theoretical inspiration from more interpretative symphonic music and from unapologetic creative minds. On the production side, there is a significant focus on not in any way limiting the aural space of the music. The average volume of a typical Oxygene track is much less than a typical track which is a by-product of allowing sounds to actually utilise the full dynamic range available rather than restricting this to compete in loudness with other artists. The aim with this is to provide a much fuller and warmer sound than is attained with typical mastering processes. "Homage to the Lost Soul" was written entirely during a six-month hermitage at a vegan retreat and was inspired by a close connection to nature, a more philosophic and relaxed mindet than that attained in an urban enviroment and also effected by the quite solitary nature of this style of living.

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