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psycedelic trance



2001 benjamin klages-homework (ov-silence)
2002 paraphonix-alltag (ov-silence)
2002 paraphonix-remoulade (ov-silence)
2006 paraphonix-remote (ov-silence+YSE)
2007 paraphone-crazy things (cosmrecords-cosmology)



paraphone is the solo-project of benjamin klages from hamburg. dj, tweaker and one of the heads behind the fresh and blooming psy-label cosm records.
since more than one decade, his musical love is dedicated to psychedelic electronica - from the early goatrance days of the northern german scene, through the various cultural stages around the globe, to what psy-trance is today.

having made his first musical steps playing the trombone in a local trombone-orchestra in smalltown northern germany, it was not until his first sequencing attempts on an atari st, that he realised the future role, that this music was going to play in his later life. In the following years he organised a handfull of small psy-trance parties, started spinning and collecting records (yes,... back in the days - even this music came on vinyl) and finally got back to tweak synths himself again.

together with his old mate dennis, he performed various live gigs of pure acid-frenzy and got his first solo tune - entitled "homework" - released on ov-silence rec. under his real world name. when his neighbour and companion of misfortune from his childhood days in the village, spontaneously brought synth and bassguitar along - the turnouts where set and paraphonix born.

starting out with a three lettered well known hardware-sequencer, they quickly traded the tiny green-black displayed interface for the innumerous possibilities of the computer. followed by more releases on various ov-silence compilations, the duo made a name of itself through few, but acclaimed live performances on diverse club and festival stages from hamburg to berlin.

malcontent with the prevailing loveless full-on-fast-food, he and bunch of fellow friends, tweakers and psychonauts formed cosm records in summer 2006. his new energetic solo-project paraphone, as well as his latest collaborations with his label-partners dennis as audiotope - and peer behind the moniker electric sheep, already make hungry for more - catch one of his live or dj-sets, they're yummy !!!!

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