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Jannick Andersen





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Iboga Records

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Progressive house/trance, psytrance/full on, ambient

Current Top 10

April 2007:

01. Behind Blue Eyes - Rumble In The Jungle (Zen Mechanics Remix) // Iboga, Unreleased
02. Miika Kuisma & Olli S - Awakening // Baroque Digital
03. Organic Function - Cmetec (Simuck Remix) // Feralcode
04. Tim Davison - Waking Strangers // Re*Brand
05. FREq - Generator // Iboga
06. Fine Taste - Midnight Clash // Little Mountain
07. Jay Lumen - One Week In Paradise // Extrema
08. Dousk - Acrobatics // Mashtronic
09. Zen Mechanics - Vurt // Alchemy, Unreleased
10. Stel & Rekelektrik - People // Forensic
11. Tim Davison - Catharsis // Method
12. U&K - The Year Of The Monkey // Pure Substance Digital
13. Oliver Moldan - Baby Show Up // Sprout, Unreleased
14. Jay Lumen - Levitation // Curvve
15. Inkfish - Prescreen // Rapid Response
16. Chris Nemmo & Andree Eskay - Affectation (Dousk Dub Electro) // Restart Digital
17. Motion Drive - Deception // Unreleased
18. 16 Bit Lolitas - Neptune // Audio Therapy
19. Sertac Kaya - Dirty Electro // Kaya Records
20. Lustral - Many Years From Now (D-Nox & Beckers Remix) // Baroque

March 2007:

01. Johan Vermeulen - The Long Wait // Toes In The Sand Digital
02. Tristan - Dream Machine // Nano, Unreleased
03. Cerf, Mitiska & Jaren - Light The Skies (Stel Remix) // Baroque
04. Shiloh - Cafe Del Mariachi (Nick Warren Remix) // Hope
05. Nucvise - Delta Area (Jay Lumen Remix) // Wildchild
06. Kalimax - Demons (NASA Remix) // Unreleased
07. Leama & Moor - Distance Between Us (Jody Wisternoff Remix) // Primal
08. Jay Lumen - Circulation // Lost Language
09. Harper & Green - The Fable // Pure Substance Digital
10. Chris Micali - Feel For You (The Timewriter’s Relight Mix) // Commonwealth

February 2007:

01. Snake Sedrick - Untouchable (Cassino & Laben Remix) // Tilth Music
02. Boy Hagemann - Whispering (Andro Vocal Remix) // Baroque Digital
03. Mario Ochoa – A Number Of Small Things (Mashtronic Remix) // Mashtronic Digital
04. Jay Lumen - Way To Eternity // Baroque Digital
05. Suite 117 - Smaller (Dave Aude Remix) // Yoshitoshi
06. Prometheus - 9th (The Man Who Swam Through A Speaker) // Twisted
07. Maor Levi - Illumina // AnjunaDeep
08. Sound Field - Second Step Above The Sun // Oxygen, Unreleased
09. Freza & Dj Flash - Kalimba (4mal Remix) // F&F
10. Vibrasphere - Floating Free (RPO Remix) // Tribal Vision

Extra: AMD - Morning Glory // Nano, Unreleased

January 2007:

01. Snake Sedrick - Find Me (Jay Lumen Remix) // Tilth Music
02. Elegant Universe - Insight // Vapour
03. Somnus Corp - Real De Catorce // Reversible
04. Fine Taste - My Golden Parachute // Extrema Music
05. Andro - Retroid (Chris Micali Remix) // Baroque
06. Eddie Sander - Aum Gasana (Allende Remix) // Wildchild
07. AMD - Morning Glory // Nano, Unreleased
08. Matt Rowan & Jaytech - Elysium // Red Seven
09. Nikola Gala & Wizzy Noise - Hush In Space Part 1 & 2 // Escada
10. Perfect Stranger & Emok - Truth (Motion Drive Remix) // Unreleased

Extra: The Egg - Angel Of My Soul (Allaby Remix) // Nano, Unreleased

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Highlight of Career

Soulclipse Festival, Turkey 2006 - in:deep:an:dance Festival, Germany 2006



24 year old Jannick Andersen from Denmark is one of the rising DJ-talents of the progressive scene where he, known under the name pr0fane, is starting to get noticed nationally as well as internationally.

His love for electronic music started with pioneers like Jean Michel Jarre, Kraftwerk and 80's synth-pop acts like Talk Talk, Depeche Mode and Pet Shop Boys, followed up by the early releases from acts like The Prodigy and The Chemical Brothers. In 1997 he discovered psychedelic trance, and since then he's been a loyal follower of this scene, though in later years his taste has developed more and more towards progressive sounds.

He is very dedicated to the craft of DJ’ing, and has been DJ’ing seriously since the beginning of the millennium, with his career really taking off in the last couple of years, resulting in bookings all over Denmark at various indoor and outdoor locations. Apart from playing at some of the best clubs and venues all over Denmark, plus in countries like England and Germany, he has also played at some well-known festivals around Europe, such as Soulclipse (Turkey), in:deep:an:dance (Germany), Naked (Germany), Middle Earth (Denmark) and SEMF (Denmark).

His taste is quite broad, which enables him to play very varied sets, depending on the different factors of the party like crowd, location and time of day - from storming full on psychedelic party music over progressive trance and progressive house, electro house, tech house to delicious ambient and chillout-sessions. In the last couple of years his primary focus has been on the uplifting side of the progressive spectrum though - mostly with uplifting sound-textures and melodic structures without getting cheesy, and with a strong sense of solid and dance friendly grooves, suitable for the magic morning or daytime hours. Always with a mix of cutting-edge new sounds and a few memorable old gems here and there, maintaining an interesting flow - and of course with the technical skills to back it up.

Spring 2007 pr0fane joined the Danish label Iboga Records as a label DJ. Iboga Records is undoubtedly one of the leading forces in the progressive psytrance scene, with over 90 releases on CD and 12″, including albums by artists like FREq, Antix, Liquid Soul, Beat Bizarre, Reefer Decree, Perfect Stranger, Phony Orphants, Frogacult and many more.

In 2007 Iboga Records will release a bunch of new releases, including (but not limited to) new albums by Antix, Ace Ventura and Sun Control Species, plus remix-albums for Perfect Stranger and Behind Blue Eyes.

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