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mainly night-time, some day-time..

Current Top 10

It would be tiring to update this everyday...

All Time Top 10

Baphomet Engine - Mandatory Suicide (Slayer rmx)
Kalilaskov AS VS Strees - Vampire Dance
Eskimo - Are you serious rmx
Twizted System - Stark Raver
Loko - Shrek Gayzinho
Electrypnose - A Long Story
Savage Scream - Bulemic Demon
Chaotic Waveforms - From Another Hell
Baphomet Engine - Looking for Dragons at Spitzbergen
Cerebral Factory - Brain Storming

Favourite Labels

Kabrathor Records, Manic Dragon

Favourite Artists

Psy: Baphomet Engine, Electrypnose/Cerebral Factory, Eskimo, Twizted System, Infected Mushroom, Sensient, Phanatic, Rinkadink...
Non psy: Slayer, Morbid Angel, Dream Theatre, Emperor, Finntroll, Dissection, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Motorhead


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None so far. If you'er organising a party, esp. in the North QLD Area, send me an email. (address below)

Highlight of Career

Becoming passionate about PSY



My musical journey began with the mighty electric guitar in 1992. I started off learning blues, then discovered metal (death, black, power)
I was introduced to psytrance in 2004, and soon realised that there was a certain "brotherhood" among the psy scene that the metal scene seemed to have lost.
I got started mucking about with DJ software, and have since purchased a midi DJ controller, and laptop to deliver killer noise. Thus keeping the music truly digital.

I think my hybrid of musical tastes has led to me following the minimal night-time psy path.
I like to make my sets dark, with alot of trippy, disturbing sounds.
I also enjoy playing some day-time sets, especially at first light. It helps to bring the listener out of their psychedelic hell and return to Earth in one piece.
Eventually I would like to purchase a synth and write my own stuff with alot of heavy guitar riffs and tortured screams

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