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Lorenz Nenntwich & Danijel Galir


Munich, Germany

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Electronic Dope Records

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Musical Influences


Freestyle Psy, Downbeat

Current Top 10

1. Mind D vs Prima Dosis - Muy Lechos (Psyknights rmx)
2. Infected Mushroom - Institute of Science
3. Knights & Borgs - Inteligent Machinez (Live Mix)
4. Liquid 9 - Dream Collective Rmx
5. Mind D vs Prima Dosis - Tow Ya Yal
6. Psyborgs - Time Twister
7. Hypersonic - Beginning of a Story
8. Infected Mushroom - Bust a Move rmx
9. Psyknights - Human Dreams
10. Infected Mushroom - Sailing in the Sea of Mushroom (Sesto Sento rmx)

Favourite DJs

Wairua aka Brainiac, Psyra, Ped / Ground Control, Guarnieri, Minerva Project / Pedro, Inertia, Sonority

Favourite Labels

Electronic Dope Records
BNE / YoYo
HOMmega Productions
Twisted Records

Favourite Artists

Infected Mushroom
Juno Reactor


Highlight of Career

Psyknights Debut Album / Electronic Dope Rec.

Upcoming Releases

Debut Album:
Psyknights - A Faint Light From The Depth (Electronic Dope Rec.)

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Psyknights is a Psy-Freestyle Project of Lorenz Nenntwich (aka Mind D.) and Danijel Galir (aka Liquid 9). It was founded in january of 2004 mainly aimed on combinig different Stylez of Music both loved to listen since their childhood.

Mind D. (Lorenz Nenntwich) born 1984, began to make music at the age of 9 years in kind of a family bandroom. He Started first with the guitar (about 1/2 to 1 year), stopped soon afterwards and played the drums for another 1 1/2 years after that... The bandroom was closed later, but Mind D. started sound producing on his own (aged 10 years), using an old tracker program called "OctaMED" on AMIGA. He experimented a lot with this stuff, and tried out many different styles (electronic, techno, and d&b in general), before he had his first contact with Psy music. Till today he already produced many tracks, started a lot of projects with many different musicans, and already worked with most of the well known music gear. He gained a lot of experience, and also taught himself engineering and mastering in this range of time.

Liquid 9 (Danijel Galir) born 1979, started first Djing Goa Trance in 1994 and began producing Music in 1996 with a old version of Cubase VST. After he retired Djing in 1997 he aimed mainly on producing music. In the same Year he build up a studio with some good friends ( Mind D., Hexalot, Prima Dosis and Psyra ). In the following years he experimented much and finaly in help of his friends working together he reached enough experience in music production. He decided not only to produce Goa & PsyTrance and so he took he´s first steps on Producing a free style project in the end of 2002.

Mind D. also wanted a kind of new Project wich is free of a unique style, so they founded Psyknights in beginning of 2004. Psyknights will launch their first Album „A Faint Light from the Depth“ in 2006 after nearly 2 Years of hard work. -

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