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Musical Influences


Outdoors>Crankin' Dawn psy(1st preference)/ Full On Morning psy.(2nd preference)/ Night Psy./ Arvo Prog.Trance.

Current Top 10

Last updated May 2006

psy; not in any order
Electric Universe - Electric Universe
Vibe Tribe - Lphobia
Ultravoice vs. Zik Zak - Zik Zak
Bizarre Contact - Peaches on the Moon
Oforia - Return of the machines
Bliss - Final Cut/ Out of the Chaos
Aniki - Alvarez
Ram - Liquid Lunch
Shift - This Pain
Bio-tonic - Shamanic mathematics
Blackout - Nrg
Slug - Divine Intervention
Damage - Resurrection of the Nothing
Spectral Skunk-Immersion rmx
Kalilaskovas vs. Natinel - Beethovens Dragon
Bilsargon Demogorgon - Leaving the Real World

All Time Top 10

Cosma -The Time Has Come / Freedom
G.M.S - Requiem For A Dream
Cypher - Riding On A White Rabbit
Spirallianz - Soulprint
Deviant Electronics - 1st Machine
Eve - Q Phase
Biot - Solstream
SRange - Morning star
Pleiadans - Jungle Trax
The Delta - Travelling At The Speed of Thought

The Infinity Project - Mystical Experiences/ The Answer
Hallucinogen - Spiritual Antiseptic
Cosma - Simplicity/ Ethno-bialick
Soma -Risen From Agartha/ Shambhala
Chromosome - Entering nirvana
Shpongle - Once Upon A Sea Of Blissful Awareness

Favourite DJs

When I go nuts on the floor. Jaimz, Franny, Dica, SubStance, Ozzy, Daheen, Psynide, Mash, Protoculture, Sesto Sento, Gilgamash, Hazmatt, Drooid, Miko, Scatterbrain, aDaM T, Darkchild, Galaktic, McBain, Alias, Atreyu, Vile Delusions.

Favourite Labels

Spiral Traxx, Spectral, Iboga, Compact, Avalanche, Cosmophilia, Spectrum, Yellow Sunshine Explosion, Neurobiotic, Alchemy, Nano, Ketuh, Avalanche, Turbo Trance etc

Favourite Artists

Early inspiration; Simon Posford, Raja Ram, Brian Eno, Tangerine Dream, Mike Oldfield, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, The Bee Gees, Uriah Heep, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Giorgio Moroder.
Favourite psy/prog artists; Chemical Drive, Oforia, Bliss, Blackout, Kailum, Mantrix, Mungusid, Mekkanikka, Z-generation, Wrecked Machines, Ultravoice, Electro Sun, Eskimo, Astral Projection, Cosmic Tone, Wizzy Noise, Neuromotor, Shift, Broken Toy, Ram, Dark Nebula, Derango, Menog, Damage, Hefty Output plus many more.


Upcoming Events

Sly Fox, King st newtown Sept. 19
Oddity, Nov. 11

Previous Events

Elixir, May 2006 (ripped up the dawn...killed it)
Bent Perceptions, April 2006 (morning psy)
Caledonian Trance Connection, New caledonia, March 2006 (crankin dawn psy)
Abercrombie Zombies, March, 2006 (crankin dawn psy)
Psychotic Distortion, Nov. 2005 (arvo psy)
Rapture Nov 5, 2005 (crankin dawn psy)
Daydreams, Oct 2005 (2 sets; fullon night psy, morning fullon psy)
Far beyond Normal, Sept 2005 (full on morning psy)
Fractal Forest 2, Aug 2005 (crankin dawn psy)
Revealing Mind Beyond Imagination, June 2005 (full on night psy)
Winter Demon, June 2005 (progressive)
Fractal Forest 1, May 2005 (full on morning psy)
Regrowth, March 2005 (chill)
NYE Doof experience 2004 (night progressive)
As You Wish, Nov. 2004 (prog. trance)
A Day Out Of Time, July 2004 (prog. trance/progressive)
Nimbin Mardi Grass, 2002 (psy.trance/hard trance)
" " " , 2001 (psytrance)
Dancealot, nimbin, 2002 (psytrance)
Reclaim the Streets, Nimbin 2001 (psytrance)
Visions of Nimbin, 1997 (2 parties>1- psytrance 2- prog. house)
number of other small events around nimbin, 1996-2003 (mostly psytrance)
Effigy. Brisbane 1999 (2 sets 1-progressive 2-psytrance)
Nimbin NYE 1996 (tribal/progressive house/uplifting trance)

Radio Appearances

nim fm, Nimbin, nsw

Highlight of Career

Fractal forest 2



I began djing (age 15) at Palms nightclub Oxford st in 1979
playing electro-disco. My earliest experience of electronic dance music was listening to Nights In White Satin rmx by Giorgio Moroder in 1976. Beatmatched journeys was a whole new thing in those days. There were 2 distinct '4 on the floor' camps, euro and
U.S.A. The earliest forms of Techno/hard house/deep house from Detroit and Chicago were already cranking away nicely, whilst German electro and U.K/ Italian disco-electro was emerging thru europe.
I took up the challenge enthusiastically. Finding a balance between the straight disco punters and the deep 4 on the 4 gay lovers, a mixture that such a location in Oxford St encouraged, soon the place was rockin. The 79 gay mardi Gras was the highlite of that time. But unfortunately..... thats
a story for another time.... but u can guess what may happen to 15 yr old street kid in such a scene.
During the 80s my focus shifted to rock and metal. Organised
concerts, djed at a roller disco and some mobile disco work.
At the same time my interest in ambience and related genres
increased. In the late 80s I moved bush and got into 'bush music'.

My 1st experience of psytrance was at ConFest 1988/89. In1994 I moved to the Nth Coast where I put on small parties in Nimbin, and produced 224 mixed cds ranging thru ambient, chill, world music, tribal, dub, d'n'b,, techno, progressive, uplifting trance and psytrance.
Since arriving in Sydney in 2003 I have focused on psytrance and progressive, but continue an eclectic interest in all genres, including non dance.
My main ambition is to play crankin psy sets at outdoor parties,
anytime between midnite & midday.
Guaranteed to lift the floor into the trees.

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