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red two

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paul anzellotti




sydney, australia

DJ since:

since late 2004

Production Company:

electric power pole productions


electric power pole records

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Musical Influences


psychadelic trance, anything from minimal night warped to morning psychadelia

Current Top 10

many songs which go bop bip boop bip bing. then a few which go boing, bing, bang. repeat for a set of 32 bars , insert samples, alter and perfect platform for musical adventures

All Time Top 10

those other ones which just kinda catch ya off gaurd and make you want to friggin dance. music with the elements of psychadelia and which just don't follow the standard 4 x 4 beat thing, music with groove and attitude, or in other words keep music evil regardless of what style

Favourite DJs

a set by richard alhberg up at colo on 23 02 02..rocking..........some unknown guy who played at liquid lab new years 2000, the guy just killed it and i danced my arse off, such a neat set....igor swampe in romania-trancylvania, 2005, awesome smurfs in the forest night music, my freind nazca has also played some outstanding sets

Favourite Labels

sst records and that epp records mob, uroboros records, cosmic conspiracy, doof records, glitchy tonic records, mind tweaker records, arkona creation, marmalade and cookies production of the hungry

Favourite Artists

people who blow big bubbles, i like that....hedonix, serious porn collector, penta, radioactive.cake, neuromodulation, product placement, fracas, sensient, eric the flying turtle, bonky, weird and twisted night sounds, zeitgeist, sprocket, ocelot, disfunction, tijah, nazca.....


Upcoming Events

regen regrowth festival, braidwood, australia, 27 february - 2 march 2015

Previous Events

galactic wedding, stuttgart, germany, 14 october, 2014
villa kunterbunt, stuttgart, germany, 30 may, 2014
summer solstice, freiburg, germany, 21 june, 2013
back on track: electric power pole records label night presented by mind travel agency, remseck, germany, 18 may, 2013
SoLarKlänge, stuttgart, germany, 28 july, 2012
all your bass are belong to us (feat. sensient), freiburg, germany, 6 july, 2012
baxels-geburstags-sause, freiburg, germany, 16 june, 2012
pfingstoktaven, stuttgart, germany, 26 may, 2012
celebration of ostara, stuttgart, germany, 8 april, 2012
return to source, stuttgart, germany, 9 march, 2012
the differenz: electric power pole records label night presented by mind travel agency, stuttgart, germany, 12 november, 2011
ashkari project presents; uroboros records v e.p.p records, barcelona, spain, 21 October, 2011
progwork orange, konstanz, germany, 16 september, 2011
geminis sundance @ fantasy farm, reitwein, germany, 3-6 june, 2011
spiritual vision, stuttgart, germany, 9 april 2011
dicke hose, freudenzimmer, berlin, 25 february, 2011
amethis, 50km from paris - atomes indoor party, 20 november, 2010
dragon dreaming festival, canberra 1-4 october, 2010
electric power pole record's 'noctopus' album launch, 13 august, 2010, hermanns bar - nazca v red two (back to back set)
track 6, june 26, 2010
dragon dreaming festival, canberra 3-5 october, 2009
almost human xxii, melbourne, electric power pole launch, 14 august, 2009
all the beautiful things, canberra, 13 december, 2008
track 2, 8 november, 2008
dragon dreaming festival, canberra 4-6 october, 2008
syncarpia, winter solstice 21 june 2008
track 8...17 may, 2008
track 3, 3rd november, 2007
galactic centre, australian capital territory, 28 july, 2007
track 5, 19 may, 2007
clarity at the claire, 10 march 2007
heaps of stuff in germany while i was there from 2004 to 2006 that i cant remember at the moment, indoors outdoors.....

Radio Appearances

the portugese broadcast of fijian hymns taken from the streets of romania

Highlight of Career

numerous rainstorms and strong windy weather


compilor and general handling for epp records of 'borrowed time', july 2009 and 'noctopus' v/a(progressive trance compilation) july, 2010, co-compilor with robert dilley of 'the flip side' v/a, released february, 2012, compilor of 'problem child' v/a released october, 2012,'pot shots' digital v/a ep (another progressive sound) november 2012 and pot shots ii released june 2013, mouth wash released january 2014, pot shots iii released april 2014, my red syndrome released july 2014, the black cat released october 2014 and pot shots iv released february 2015

Upcoming Releases

the 14 horns of samoa - no release records, barney did a swing to his thing - eating cry records. more in 2015



psychadelic trance dj
learnt in germany the beat box manner in 2004, returned to sydney, australia in 2006 to continue electric power pole productions, back to germany from october 2010 and now back in sydney since january 2015. dark night minimal, to soundscape psychadelic sounds, generally between 134bpm and 150 bpm but have a tendency to not follow my own rules. have a love of night minimal psychadelic sounds and enjoy middle of the hight and sunrise sets changing styles into the daylight. keep music evil. organisor, conspiritor electric power pole productions 2002 to present. co-conspiritor electric power pole records 2004 to present and currently residing in germany and creating additional installments of epp releases

Studio Setup

two cd players and a mixer connected to a sterio, headphones included with cd´s located to the side.

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