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RePete (Cosmic Conspiracy Recordsâ„¢)

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Wellington, NZ

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Cosmic Conspiracy Records

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Musical Influences


Groovy Progressive Psy

Current Top 10

Alfredo Garcia - Flight Countdown
Ticon - U make me wanna drink more
Insane Creation - Filestyle (Actually the whole freakin album!!)
Behind Blue Eyes - Brumbasse (Emok rmx)
Antix - Hiding place (Phony Orphants rmx)
P.O.T.S. - Hello Kitty
Beckers - Dynamic Blue
Shaman - Bomullstuss
Buzzmonx - All you can eat
Space Safari - Groovy Times

All Time Top 10

In no particular order:
Sun Control Species - Day Dreamer
Alfredo Garcia - Watch Me
Melh - Unnamed 3
London Sewer Tour - Queen of Babble On
Alfredo Garcia - Planetensprengung
X.V. Kilist - Alfa Aroma
Loopus in Fabula - Funky Town 2003
Flowjob - Everland Airport
Ticon - See Us At The Zoo
Magnetrixx - Tohuwabohu

Favourite DJs

Barton, Sasha, Danny Howells, Schwa, Femme.

Favourite Labels

Cosmic Conspiracy Records, Crotus, Plusqarm, Manta, Plastic Park, Tatsu, Sinn Tec, Domo, Iboga, Tribal Vision.

Favourite Artists

XV Kilist, Sun Control Species, Antix, Yotopia, Ticon, POTS, Insane Creation, Minimal Criminal, DJ Ruth, Alfredo Garcia, Cosm, Ozone.


Upcoming Events

Monthly Cosmic Conpiracy Club nights, Wellington.

Previous Events

Parihaka Internation Peace Festival - Parihaka Pa, Taranaki Outdoor - Mar '06
Earthrites After Party - Sub Nine, Wellington - Feb '06
Earthrites - Wairoa Gorge, Nelson Outdoor - Feb '06
Stardust - Canaan Downs, Takaka Outdoor - Feb '06
Full Om vs Cosmic Conspiracy Records - Curve Bar, Wellington - Dec '05
Rasta Culture - Tweedle Dumb n Dee Marathon Set - Red Rocks Outdoor, Wellington
King Kong Wrap up - Hell Party - Subnine, Wellington - Oct '05
Spring Equinox '05, Karori Outdoor, Wellington
Ice Ball - Tattoo Museum, Wellington - Mar '05
Wobble - Maya, Wellington - Monthly Cosmic Conspiracy Club Night
The Full Circle - Cobb Valley Outdoor, Takaka - NYE 04/05
Spring Equinox ’04 - Tattoo Museum, Wellington
Cosmic-Psyber-Jolly - Seatoun Beach Outdoor, Wellington
Vai's Birthday Bash - Galatos Basement, Auckland
“Enginewitty” Launch - Studio 9, Wellington
“A True Reality” Launch - Studio 9, Wellington
Merry Flippin Xmas - Curve Bar, Wellington
The Launch - Phoenix, Wellington

Radio Appearances

The CosmicCRUNCH, FirmFM 107, Wellington, NZ.

Highlight of Career

Stardust Waitangi Weekend, Feb '06 - Canaan Downs, Takaka NZ.



RePete began djing prog-house and his style reflects this. Smooth tribal progressive with lashings of funk, moving through to crunchier minimal psychedelia. Best suited to night vibes. Signed to Cosmic Conspiracy Records in 2004. RePete administers the straight and funky direction of progressive for the label. RePete is also 1/2 of Dj duo Repetitive Dumbness, with DJ Wizdumb.

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