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Sally Doolally

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Sally Balaam



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Synergy-Tribe / Waldfrieden


Plastik Park

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Favourite DJs

Götzlich, Anti, Beckers, Sebastian Krüger, D-Nox, Tristan, Blue Llama, Tim Healey, Mark Allen

Favourite Labels

Plastik Park, Sprout, Iboga, Digital Structures, Release, Automatic, Avalanche, Kamaflage, Dragonfly, AP, ACDC, Spiral Trax

Favourite Artists

Son Kite, Minilogue, Infusion, SBK, Tim Healey, Krueger & Coyle, Motion, Space Safari, Antix, Liquid Soul, Jaia, Elzisco, Triptych


Upcoming Events

Geneva (Swiss)
Sterngeflüster - Bochum
Synergy Tribe on Tour - Frankfurt
Age of Hippieness - Zurich (swiss)
Psy Xmas - Waldfrieden
Amazone - Hamburg
Synergy Tribe on Tour - Vienna (Austria)
Sternengefluster - Bochum
Soulclipse Festival (Turkey)
Hai in den Mai - Waldfrieden
Wonderland 10th Festival - Waldfrieden

Previous Events

Highlights include:

Boom (Portugal 2002)
Voov-Experience (Germany 2003)
Antaris-Project (Germany 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005)
Shiva Moon (Germany 2003)
Lovefield(Germany 2003)
Fusion (Germany 2003)
Rainbow Serpent (Australia 2000, 2003 and 2005)
Summer Dreaming (Australia 2002)
Outback Eclipse Festival (Australia 2002)
Exodus (Australia 2005)
The Dawning (Australia 2000)
Wonderland (Germany 20003, 2004 and 2005)
Dance-A-Delic (Belgium 2004)
Koh Phangan 2002 (Thailand 2001-2002)
Retro Club (Jakarta / Indonesia 2004)
66 (Bali / Indonesia 2004)
Dreamweavers (NZ 2003)
Yak & Yeti (2002 & 2003)

.. plus heaps more....

Radio Appearances

FSK - Hamburg, KIS FM - Jakarta, 2SER - Melbourne, Triple R - Melbourne, JJJ - Australia

Highlight of Career

Boom Festival 2002



Headspace (Plastik Park)
Waldfreakquenz (Waldfrieden)
Sally Doolallys Trancexpressions (Transient)


Wonderland - The Festival Compilation (MORE) - double CD compiled and mixed by 'Beauty & the Beat'


Sally Doolally & Safi Connection - Nothing Really Matters (Spliff)
In R Voice & Sally Doolally- Something About Magic (Shum)

Upcoming Releases

JANUARY 2006 -

Analog Pussy + Sally Doolally + Stella Nutella - 'Watching U' ep on AP records (with an SBK remix)



Born in the UK and currently living in Germany, Sally Doolally has been playing proffesionally as an international DJ for 8 years now. Well known for playing an eclectic DJ set she progressively plays trance with a subtle hint of electro and psychedelic-acid-house, giving her sound its fresh edge she is known for.

Sally's unique taste in music combined with her bubbly personality and mixing skills, create a warm and friendly feeling on the dance floor and have taken her to play in over 20 countries far and wide and stoking up parties in places like Melbourne, Tokyo, Tel Aviv, Jakarta and Auckland and rocking dance floors all over Europe, keeping them on their toes from Paris to Helsinki.

Some of Sally's most memorable gigs include Boom Festival, Voov-Experience, Rainbow Serpent Festival, Outback Eclipse Festival, Wonderland, Antaris-Project and Shiva Moon.

Having previously worked for record labels TRANSIENT, USTA and DRAGONFLY, Sally is now representing PLASTIK PARK as a label DJ and taking a trip into her true HEADSPACE.

Sally is frequently booked in: UK, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, France, Finland, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Israel, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, India, Thailand, Indonesea, Japan,

For more info on Sallys side project Beauty & the Beat, please visit


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