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SCARABEO (Pukka music/UK)

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Gora Matku





DJ since:


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Psy-Cab Productions


Psy-Cab Productions (affiliations with Glowing Flame Records, Pukka Music, Booteshwara Rec., and ATE Org.)

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Musical Influences


All genres of psy trance and then some...

Current Top 10

Rinkadink and DJ Spencer - Spectral Monkey
Deedrah - Take it or leave it
Dino Psaras - white lights
Silicon Sounds and Jaia present Even 11 - Oblivion
Blanka - Flying tepy
Trold - Boloonia
Imaginary Trold - Macidonia Reality
Braincell - Energetic
Cosmosis - Naked Chicks
Hydroglyph - Electric

in no particular order

All Time Top 10

Nacked Tourist
Mr. Peculiar (Two thumbs up allways)

in no particular order

Favourite DJs

DJ Pan, Blisargon Demogorgon, Numenon, Couch, Illusion, Winza, Denice the Menice, Vlado, Marko....etc.

Favourite Labels

Ketuh Rec.

Favourite Artists

Wicked Hayo, Bubble, Blanka, Hydroglyph etc.


Upcoming Events

Coca-Cola Festival (R. of Macedonia), and few events in Macedonia unfortunately i'm in the dark for the name of the parties

Previous Events

Psydemonium (NZ), Sexodelic (NZ), Phase 1 and 3 (NZ), Singularity (NZ), Blame (NZ), Full Moon Festival (Germany), Rhakti Dei Festival (Belgium), Fairyland (Holland), Waiotu Groove (NZ) and many more

Radio Appearances

UPFM 107.5 Guest and Hosted a few shows with Dr. Bazz and Captain Vai on Psysalad, Didi and Dj Pan on Brain Surgery

Highlight of Career

Full-Moon Festival (Germany) 2006



Started mixing on vinyl in Macedonia many years ago performed at clubs such as "Black Market" and "Tropicana" after mooving to New Zealand in 2000 started mixing on cdj and immidiately i fell in love with the whole concept of not only mixing but actualy making a difference in the tracks themselves, gradualy i moved along with music to visuals with the help of Ben - Team Optrix International ( having the belief that visuals are the future of our genre, as music video's are unapplicable to our genre, my goal is to do a simultanious DJ/VJ set. I have strong afilliations with,, and, i have performed visuals for producers and dj's such as Menog, Cosmosis, Denice the Menice, GMS, Bubble, Space Tribe, Seroxat, Winter Demon, Grapes of Wrath, Phatmatix, Filteria, Astral Projection, Etnica, Azax Syndrom, Whicked Hayo and many more, also have co-operated and performed visuals with Optrix, Pixel Royal, Jorgk and Psycemotional Project

Studio Setup

CDJ 1000 MK2, DJM Pioneer 600, Edirol V4, DVDR 3360HDD, MacbookPro, EV etc.....

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