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Rory Robinson





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nocturnal species

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Musical Influences


mainly full-on daytime music and night time dark psy

Current Top 10

anything off ketuh
Kindzadza - water memory
highko - human error
Sofiax and kindzadza - kill it
mononoke and wolves - tarantino on acid
blisargon demorgon - reintroduce
kluster vs dark nebula - round and round
Paranoize vs claw - vampire legend
Psycovsky kindzadza and fungus funk - masters of the keys
penta - fear


All Time Top 10

Benza-the wolf
prabhamandala - diamondback
Psyboriginal - Spirited away rmx
Spacetribe/psywalker - twitch !!!!!
Eskimo,legohead and ozzy - Imaginary headphones
The doors - riders on the storm
gappeq - genetically dirty
Nick drake - things behind the sun
Pink floyd - breath
killer buds - spells and tentations
Jeff buckley - grace
Tim buckley - troubador/hallucinations

Favourite DJs

solar spiral, nachoes, mash,juiced, mr peculiar's dj sets, dica and substance.....

Favourite Labels

digital psionics, e.p.p.r, nano, ketuh, doof, spacetribe music, parvati, nabi,

Favourite Artists

Tyler smith
jim morrison
Jeff buckley
tim buckley
captain beefheart
Olli wisdom


Upcoming Events

:Timbo's b'day bash in da bush - 2nd dec - feat. player one (dooflex)

:One infinite creator - sat 9th dec 06

Previous Events

:The gathering
:liminal morphology
:Free bush doof april 9th
:Fractal forest
:Fractal forest 2
:Far from normal
:Daydreamer, with galaktik and darkchild, eegor, sylk
:2nd stage,beyond the ordinary with satanstoenail, hefty output, gappeq
:Psydeffect afterparty.....only set before we got shut down!
:Fractal forest 3 (howling at the moon) nsw, june 10... with mantrix, meltdown, sensum

:Psychotic episode at 3d nightclub 13 McKillop st melbourne, june 23rd..headliner
:Deamatrix @ ace morning bar, sydney road, brunswick with luke shamanix and mantrix, 25th august 2006
:Soundcheck. outdoor melbourne - 26th august
:Fortnightly residency :-The gateway@ ace morning 8th september 2006 - ??
:Ominessence - 7/10/2006 vs juiced - with mantrix, tommix, i.o.s
:The gateway @ace morning 6th oct - 22nd oct - 4 nov
:psychotic episode, scion vs reka - 10 nov/06
:The LAST gateway - 17th nov 06
:Timbo's b'day bash in da bush - 2nd dec - feat. player one (dooflex)
:The renegade stage EARTHCORE Vs matty j (catatonic)
:One infinite creator _ outdoor bush doof - sat 9th dec
........ plus many house parties in wollongong, sydney and melbourne

Highlight of Career




I started dj'ing late 2003, and have now gotten deep into it,I started off with prog trance, but now like to play more Full-on daytime style , but also love the night music....I have recently moved to melbourne, but travel back and forth between there and sydney......I am looking for dj sets, so contact me if you want a mix cd.

Studio Setup

Ableton live 5.2.1
cubase 5

A shit load of vst instruments and effects

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