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Davor Tosovic and Emir Cehaic



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PlayOutRightNow recordings

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Too much....

Favourite Labels

P.O.R.N., Baroque, Mutteki, Feed me, Invent, Electribe, Tribalvision...and many many others....

Favourite Artists

hard to say...but one of the tops would be Beckers, Cris Cargo, Thomas Penton....


Previous Events

Gahtering of tribes,Exotica 2003,Klang der Essenzen,Spirit Base Festival,Transylvania Calling,Underwater Overground festivaks 1 & 2 & 3. Media Mediterranea festival5, many many Tribalizers partys, Sim Sala Bim, Ponikve Open airs...and ...and.....

Radio Appearances

Radio student, Zagreb, Otvoreni radio Zagreb, Radio Pula, Pula


12" v/a "Hipnocratia ep" - hadshot haheizar - track "ventil"
V/A "Lime light"" - tribal vision records - track"illektro music"
V/A "Media mediterranea" - metamedia - tracks : "karoten" and "opression"

Upcoming Releases

V/A "electric passion" - Joystick music - track "Illektro music (reconstruction edit)"
Basshole & bassment tracks on Very Progressive records



Shuma is Zagreb based project of Davor Tosovic and Emir Cehaic. During the past 4 years, they played at every major trance event in Croatia like legendary Underwater Overground festival,Media mediterranea, numerous smaller partys and some big techno events like Exotica 2003 (3500 ppl) with names like Ade Fenton, Inigo Kenedy, Takaaki itoh... also they played on Cyprus, Germany, Austria, Romania and many partys in Slovenia.
Concept of there music is to push forward and constantly develop there sound, using elements of different styles like techno, electro, house, dub and techhouse and mix them with trance to create uniqe vision of progressive trance music. They experiment alot with new sounds, new styles and can be said that there motto is "to freak and to be different".
They gained suppeort of djsl like Yaniv,Frederik Flanger, Oli M.O.S., Matthias Delay, Damod , dr.Krelm , Zombi, Avi nini, Lennox and many others...
Since 2004 they are on the P.O.R.N. recordings rooster.

Studio Setup

Access Virus Rack Classic, Yamaha djx-1, m-audio firewire 410 soundcard, korg kaoss pad, midiman oxygen 8 midi keybord, cubase+var. plugins.....

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