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Michal Smetana



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Tribal Vision Records

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March 2005:

Lime Top:

Jaia vs. French Kisz – Drifting Planet (Tribal Vision)
Ticon – Reflections (Tribal Vision)
Rai – This is Original (Millenium)
Vision & Canedy – Collected Vibes (Hadshot / Tribal Vision)
Son Kite – Colours (Luke Chable rmx) (Digital Structures)
Flowjob – Run Baby Run (Iboga)
Vibrasphere – Bitter Deep (unr.)
Halifax & Vision – Don´t Worry (Groove Zone)
Holm & Andersen – Cityrain (Tribal Vision)
Shuma – Illektro Music (Tribal Vision)

Dusk Top:

Etnoscope – Fast Licking (Tribal Vision)
Behind Blue Eyes – Rumble in the Jungle (Astro)
Beat Bizarre – Corrosive Juices (Shaman rmx) (Tribal Vision)
Human Blue – Screwdriver (Tribal Vision)
Parrket – Science in my Mind (Tribal Vision)
Tegma – Trapped in a Hypercube (Candyflip)
Meller – My Favorite Man (unr.)
Freq – Return to the Masters (Antix rmx) (Iboga)
Parrket – Bloodseaker (unr.)
Tegma – No Time (Tribal Vision)

Favourite Labels

Digital Structures, Iboga, Spiral Trax, Plastik Park, LSD, Groove Zone, Tribal Vision

Favourite Artists

Son Kite, Ticon, Vibrasphere, Jaia, Minilogue...


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Boom festival (Portugal), Atmosphere festival (Switzerland), Voov (Germany), Goa Trance Spektakel 6 (Switzerland), Orejona (France), Antaris Project (Germany)...+ check - section ABOUT - to see the rest...

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