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Daniel Holmes / Halldorsson




Reykjavik, Iceland

Producer since:

dabbling since 2000 maybe?...getting more serious in the last 2 years.

Production Company:

Fractal Universe



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Musical Influences


I dont really know anymore :)

Current Top 10

A mix of dancey and not so dancey, but more importantly, warm, textured, emotional and creative:

Mercury Rev - Sense on Fire (James Holden Remix)
Mum - We Have a Map of The Piano
The Tuss - Rushup I Bank 12
Cornelius (his albums point and sensuous)
The Hedonix live set im listening to right now :)
Jesse Somfay - Faberge
Sigur Ros - Festival
Sol Connection - Old Starry Moon
The Reflecting Skin - Cavedweller (insrumental version)
Sunrunner - Regrowth
Ulrich Schnauss - Medusa
Kelly Polar - We live in an expanding universe (Caribou rmx)
Four Tet - Ringer
Appelscal - Modulate at last
Appelscal - Brown Shoes
Lindstroms new album
Efterklang - Cutting Ice to Snow
Ricardo Tobar - Boy Love Girl EP
Flying Lotus is doing some futuristic hip hop i like :)
lots more ill add soon.

All Time Top 10

psyish doofy stuff:
sensphere - disorder
shpongle - behind closed eyelids
hallucinogen - horrorgram
jaia - mai mai
loosid - trancemogrification (cz2k mix)
symbiote - phantasmagoria
son kite - massive
sunrunner - smile of 1000 faces and nuuksio
psykovsky - north or south
vernon - wanderer (sonkite remix)

Favourite DJs

Orphea, Franny, Eegor, James Holden, D-Nox, Loopus

Favourite Labels

Faves (their approach to music and output is always spot on) -> Border Community, Soma, Tide Pool, Warp
Random other good ones of which there are many :)

Favourite Artists

James Holden, Mum, Sigur Ros,


Upcoming Events

24.02.06 [NSW] Regrowth 06 Outdoor Festival (b2b closing set with sunrunner..woo woo)

Alien Doof - New Caledonia (date rescheduled - tba)

Previous Events

fri 18th nov The Martin Fitzgeral File : Declassified

9th - 11th dec Erisian Fields Outdoor Feat Hallucinogen and Antix

20th aug 05: Fractal Forest 2: Full Moon Chapter

24th sept 05: Psychedelic Therapy 2 feat. Gappeq

1st oct 05: The Awakening 3 day festival

15th oct 05: Daydreamer (beach doof woo hoo)

Alien Doof post party - New Caledonia 2005, Cosmic Couriers 7th May 2005 (t-quest), Elixir 2005 (elixir), Liminal Morphology 2005 (fractal universe and nocturnal species), lots of smaller house parties and outdoor parties.

Radio Appearances

been asked to play on cyberwlfs show with dwight [sunrunner] (as thenothing), so maybe soon :)

Highlight of Career

Playing back to back with Sunrunner at Erisian Fields and also had a really awesome night at a Cosmic Couriers once.


"Spiral Tree" on EPP records compilation the martin fitzgerald file
(buy it here: ...hehe...well, i can only try :)

a progressive track that is a bit of a tribally stompy thing..about a tree...a spiral tree in fact ;)

heres my db entry on saikosounds incase anything new gets released and i havent updated this page :)

Sol Connection

Upcoming Releases

(Oct 2008) Got lots of stuff in the works, not doing psy prog much anymore (soz) and instead trying to make stuff that sounds good at home but is also danceable as well...lots of live hardware manipulation and less mouse programming. Im not sure whats going to come out :)

also working on a new liveset that involves not looking at the laptop screen which i am excited about as its alot more fun for me to play and is better for the audience too.



i mainly like to write music for the sunshine but usually just write whatever is in my heart without trying to think about genres or times of day too much...

i am learning classical flute with a really good teacher and hope to soon start incorporating it into a live act

ill put some links to some tracks up soon so you can get an ideas of where im coming from...but basically i like to write wiggly melodic progressive tinged music with influences from a variety of sources and genres outside of psy...but still..mmm psyish :) hehe

Studio Setup

I use a combination of Logic, Cubase, Buzz tracker, Live and Reason because the all do things i like in different ways...main sequencer is Cubase atm, doing layers over the top in logic and creating additional wiggly sounds and tricks in buzz and live :)

Virus TI and Moog Voyager for the meaty synth work.

I use a cheapo Roland midi controller keyboard with one lousey data slider (almost constantly set to midi cc01)

now running completely off a desktop replacement macbook pro and motu ultralite with mackie HR824 monitors.

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