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Novatekk / Y.S.E. / Domo / Spiral Trax

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Dark Depp Progressive



Albums :

"Sternenstaub X02" - C-P-C Records

"Allbient" - C-P-C Records

"Phonotonie" - Novatekk

Compilations :

"Double Dipped " - Boom Records

"Chakra Violet " - Novatekk

"Goahead 15 " - Leguan Records

"Chapter 1" - Ov Silence Records

"Pulse 11" - Novatekk

"Underground 2" - Novatekk

"Goa Vol.3" - Y.S.E.

"Goa Vol.4" - Y.S.E.

"Goa Sound System" - Y.S.E.

"Zoo-B Mix 3" - U.S.T.A. Records

"Dusty Nation 2" - Dance n Dust Records

"Goa Beach 2 " - Y.S.E.

"Goanation 2" - Y.S.E.

"Area 51" - Y.S.E.

"Goahead 20 " - Beluga New Media

"12inch rmx" - Spiral Trax

"Posse" - Domo Records

"Tantrance" - Beluga New Media

Upcoming Releases

New Album in June - July 2005



Daniel Müller + Ueli Schill are the producers behind the Psy / Pro-gressive Trance Project SONNENVAKUUM with various releases on their own C-P-C label and an excellent Album on Liquid Audio / Novatekk called “Phonotonie” in 2001.They made themselves a name as “Live Act” that “Rocks” the Dancefloor. Many releases followed on different compilations and Projects for 2005 are Remixes for Amos, XV Kilist and some Tracks together with Feuerhake, Chromosome and Andre Absolut.The new SONNENVAKUUM album will be out in first quarter 05.

Daniel Müller aka “Die Sonne” ( the sun ) started his work as producer in 1996. Allready his first ever finished track “R.I.P.” ( Boom Rec. 1998 ) was a big success on the dancefloors around the world. This was around the time that he met Dj Ueli Schill “Vakuum”.So the name SONNENVAKUUM was created by just mixing both names “sonne” and “vakuum” together.
As both of them had played in several Industrial and Punk bands in the 80`s they still try to bring a touch of it into SONNENVAKUUMS sound today.They also try to keep the whole project a bit “underground” by releasing a lot of tracks exclusively via their website , sometimes even as free downloads.

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