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Travis Wade Beckett





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Hyper Reflection Experiment HQ.


Illuminati Records

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Musical Influences


Anything with intellect ;)

Favourite DJs

Agent 23 , Mash, Suspekt

Favourite Labels

Illuminati, Ambivalent, Last Possible Solution , Timecode, EPP.

Favourite Artists

PSYMAZZ, AUDIOPATHIK, Santos De Castro, Paul Wright, Hefty Output, Seven, Third Drop Reflection, Psyboriginal, Phatmatix, Scorb, Noize Gust, Tetrameth, NRS. And all team Illuminati


Upcoming Events

Bent Perception
Beyond Imagination

Previous Events

Symbiance (Recommended Solutions 5) - Feb 07
Doofcorp - Nov 06
Oddity - Feat Artifakt - Nov 06
Perpetual Aspirations - 9th Sept 06
Abyss - Feat Scorb - 06
Bent Perception - 06
Regrowth - 06
Synthetik Paradigm - 06
Candyflip - 06
Fractal Forest 3 - 06
Recommended Solutions - 06
Elixir - 05
Beyond Imagination - 05
Far From Normal - 05
Beyond The Ordinary - 05
Psycedelic Therapy 2 - 05
PsybAssylum - 05
CandyFlip - 05
Fractal Forest - 05
Structural Damage - 04

Highlight of Career

Getting a trance crowd to thrash themselfs at 160 - 170 Bpm at sunrise



Substance is early twenty year old Producer/DJ/Promoter Travis Beckett from Newcastle Australia. After attending Happy Valley 1999 he became addicted to all things electronic. After getting heavily into promotion. He was drawn to a particularly underground sound.

Bringing together young Australian artists like-
-"HEFTY OUTPUT" who debut live
@Structural Damage June 04,
-"PONDSCUM" who played his first NSW outdoor event
@Beyond the Ordinary Oct 05,
-"PSYBORIGINAL" who played his first set of his own music as Dj Gigantor
@Recommended Solutions 4 Feb 04,

After an overflow of local talent poured through his door step Substance was inspired to Produce his own music. Spending Well to many hours awake he has studied, experimented and listened trying to absorb as much about what he loves as possible. This has led to many unique DJ sets, and listening to his mixing you always get the feeling he knows where he wants to take the floor.

Substance's sound comes from hours and hours of improving what he loves. His experience and enthusiasm come through in his sets. Substance never fails to miss the mark and has proven to be a very fun and versatile DJ. Email or PM for a Demo.


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Avid Promoter of Virtual Studios

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