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Dwight Mowbray





Producer since:

around 2003


EPP Records

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Musical Influences


melodic trippy proggish stuff

All Time Top 10

Hallucinogen - Horrorgram
Cosma - Find Out
Vernon - Wonderer (Son Kite Remix)
Cosma - Human Evolution
Son Kite - Clockwise
Sol Connection - Sunshine Hill
Sol Connection + Meltdown - (name)
Lish - Dead Yet
Domestic Cosma - Sleep of Peace no particular order

Favourite DJs

Dj So, D-Nox, Batta, Franny, Galaktik & Darkchild, Peter Didjital

Favourite Labels

Lots of em!

Favourite Artists

Sol Connection, Cosma, Andromeda, Soul Surfer, Torakka, Simon Posford, Psytrakked, Reefer Decree, Sun Control Species, Son Kite, Kasey Taylor, James Holden, Shiloh, Astroschnautzer, Nebula Meltdown, Atmos, Stephan Bodzin, Minilogue, many more...


Upcoming Events

none at the moment :) (book me? :))

Previous Events

Galactic Centre (ACT) - 28th July 2007 - Back to Back live + DJ with Sol Connection
Hujaboy @ Subsonic - 30th June 2007
Track 5 - 19th May 2007 - Back to Back live + DJ with Sol Connection
Spiral Dream Space - 24th March 2007
EPP Records "Blackout" Launch Party
The Awakening 2006 - 30th September - 2nd October, 2006
Perpetual Apparitions - 9th September, 2006
1320 Starfield Wombat Pan fundraiser - 20th May 2006
Tsunami @ fantasy club - Helsinki, Finland - 15th April 2006
Cosmic Couriers - 18th March 2006
RE-GROWTH 06 - 25th-26th February 2006
Erisian Fields - 9-11th December 2005
The Martin Fitzgerald File : Declassified - 18th November 2005
Daydreamer - 15th October 2005
The Awakening - 1st October 2005
Fractal Forest 2 - 20th August 2005
Fractal Forest - 14th May 2005
Cosmic Couriers - 7th May 2005
Elixir 6 (aka Convergence) - 23rd April 2005
Free Bush Doof / Johnny's Bday - 9th April 2005
Liminal Morphology (DJ set) - 2004
Transcendance NYE - 03-04
Various house parties and small bush parties

Radio Appearances

PsykeOut 2005, Blu FM 2003

Highlight of Career

Erisian Fields DJ set with Sol Connection, The Awakening 06 Live set


Sunrunner - Lellow EP Download FREE here
Sunrunner - Curving Beams of Light (EPP Records - "the martin fitzgerald file")
Ploogle (night side project) - Cascading Geometry (EPP Records - "V/A - Blackout")



I don't know what I'm writing at the moment... I guess 'progressive' loosely describes it but with a trippy, melodic and psychedelic edge.

Studio Setup

Intel 1.83 GHz dual core Toshiba laptop
MOTU Ultralite
Clavia Nord Lead 2 rack
M-Audio Radium 61 MIDI Controller Keyboard
Mackie HR824 monitors (hoo boy are these nice!)

Cubase SX 3
Ableton Live 6

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