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Current Top 10

Open Records Top10

1. Rhian Sheehan - Hiding Place (Embark Building Remix) (Open Unr)
2. Antix - Blew (Iboga)
3. SunControlSpecies - Morning Blues (Unr)
4. Wombat - Ride Control (BBE Remix) (Iboga/Open Unr)
5. 2Kings in Motion - Storm Flavour (Flavour Rework 1.0) (Open Unr)
6. Trentemoller - Moan (RadioSlave Remix) (Pokerflat)
7. Side-A vs Solead - Haka (Unr)
8. Vibrasphere - Resovoir (Fiord Remix) (Digital Structures)
9. D-Sens vs Eegor - Curtis Landing progressive edit (Open Unr)
10. Kruger & Coyle - No More Bitchin' (Open Unr)

All Time Top 10

1. Tegma - Tribes of Akbar
2. Son Kite - Massive
3. Vibrasphere - Purple Floating
4. Phoney Orphants - Papa Chango
5. Antix - Blood
6. Purple & Lunar - Subtle Thrust
7. Sun Control Species - Searching the Spiral Arm
8. Double Dragon - Seperated
9. Ticon - We are Mammoth Hunters
10. Paste - Code Bed

Favourite DJs

Solatek, Paul Abad, Ian, Gavin Martin, Barton & Hayden Strom, Schwa, Eegor, Motive, D-Nox, Peter Digital, Kasey Taylor

Favourite Labels

Iboga, Digital Structures, Tribal Vision, Beef Records, Pokerflat, Traum, Vapour, Garbage, Get Physical, Flow, Zenon

Favourite Artists

Antix/Fiord, Son Kite/Minilogue, SunControlSpecies/Wombat, Trentemoller, Martinez, D-Sens, Kasey Taylor, Solead, Side-A, Habersham, Chris Source, RPO, 2kings in Motion, Embark, Tetrameth, ShadowFX, Autonomech, Sensient, Spoonbill


Upcoming Events

28-04-07 Labyrinth - Outdoors FNQ
Featuring Commercial Hippies, Hydrophonic, Shadow FX, Tristan Boyle, Raptor + many more!

15-06-07 Winter Solstice Festival FNQ
More TBA!

Previous Events

29September - 1October - Open Productions presents
Audiogasm featuring SunControlSpecies, Sensient, Tetrameth, Shadow FX, Autonomech, Hefty Output, Agent23, Pondscum, Satanstoenail, Scotopic, TD Shagga, Launchpad, Jaimz, Ketamind, Andras, Player1, Psymon, Motive, Suspekt, Eegor, Lazurus, Solatek +many many more!
(Outdoors, Far North Queensland)

14th October XylemPhloem presents ~PHONOSCOPE~
Vibrasphere (Live,Digital Structures,Sweden), Sun Control Species (Live,Iboga,Melb), Sensum(Live,Eletrictric power pole,ZMA,Sydney), Jigsaw(Live,Vertigo,Melb), Mindelight(Lively,Phonokol,Mexico), Suspekt vs Motive(Open,Cairns,Melb)
C-matic(NZ), Dakini(Submerge,Melb) Unit, Sub-g, Spydamonky
(outdoors, Melbourne)

October 22 Illumination 7 (White party) @ Gilligans Featuring Suspekt, Fortress, many many more!
(Gilligans Nightclub, Cairns)

Nov3-7 Moondust Festival India featuring Naked Tourist, Neuromoter, Sensient, Tetrameth, Fatali, Sesto Sento, Suspekt + many many many many more!!!
(India -

Dec30-Jan 1 - Tribeadelic presents Tribedelic NYE featuring PHONEY ORPHANTS (Iboga, Denmark), SHAKTA / KAYA PROJECT(Interchill - Canada/One World Music - OZ.), DIGITALIS (Matsuri Prod/Exclusive Breaks Set ), SONIFY (Genki Music ), NEXUS CRAWLER (Ketuh), TIM HARVEY (Alien Earth),
(outdoors, Melbourne)

Janruary 5-7 Freakreation featuring Entropy, Grapes of Wraith, Pondscum, Spoonbill, Solatek, Suspekt, Player1, Deejital, Ketamind + many many more
(NNSW 2007)

Earth Freq 2007 - Featuring Sun Control Species, Sensient, Autonomuch, One Tasty Morsel, Player1, Suspekt vs Motive, and many many more!

July 24 Psytek/Wittaka Network Present E-Motion Featuring Antix (Iboga, NZ), Triptych (TurboTrance, France), Motion (Iboga-Spiral Trax France), Solead (Automatic, Tribal Vision France), Player1, Solatek, Lazarus, Suspekt, Lysergic, Mokini
(Far North Queensland)

June 24- Winter Solstice After Party @Metbar featuring Spoonbill, Suspekt vs Solatek, Jeremy J, Chill-E

June 16-18 Psytek Presents Winter Solstice Celebration and Lifestyle Gathering- Featuring Insane Creation (Live, Domo Records, Switzerland), Spoonbill (Live+VJ, Creative Vibes, Australia)+many many more TBA
(Far North Queensland)

FreakquenSea - Full Moon Rising @ Fitzroy Island featuring Illusion of Self, Olli Wisdom, Mista Kiffsta, Stampetey, Cykon vs KBPS, Darkshiva, AC-Adaptor, Deano, Ekogen, Cuzzy Bros, Suspekt
(Fitzroy Island, FNQ)

Recommended Solutions 4 - Revealing Mind featuring Artax, Sensient, Ketamind, Hefty Output, Gappeq, Solatek + suspekt
(Newcastle, NSW)

Club RAD! - Emerald Room, West End. Featuring Monolake (imbalance music germany), Marsoups, Fuzzarelly, Firesprite and Suspekt (Open Records)
(Brisbane, Qld)

Right Intentions Productions Presents Earth Freq 2 featuring Edorado, Artax, Sun Control Species, Monolake, Player1, Suspekt, Alter Native, Delay, SkwidFX and many more... (Byron Bay/NNSW)

16-18 December - Summer Solstice Lifestyle Gathering - Featuring Behind Blue Eyes, Dj Banel, Hujaboy, E-Jekt, Spencer/Sinewave, Sensient, Shadow FX, DJ Schwa, Hefty Output, Agent23, Beka, Eegor, Extradry, Solatek, Ganshka, D'sypha, Psymon, Suspekt, Player1, Lazarus, Deano, Psybaba, Deejital, Stampedy, Shaka, KBPS + more!!!

Open Productions present AUDIOGASM featuring Cujorious One, Sensient, Sun Control Species, Shadow FX, Hefty Output, Pondscum, Agent 23, Luke Psywalker, Ketamind, Superflous Nipple, Raptor, Solatek, Player1, Suspekt, Lazarus, Cykon, Stampete, Dan Marshall, Jeremy J + many, many more.

Psytek and Universal Fractal Present -Outdoors -Antix Album & Beka Compilation Launch featuring
ANTIX (Iboga Rec), Beka (turbotrance Rec), Mauritzio (koyote Rec), Extra Dry (Zenon Rec), Solatek, Player 1, Suspekt, Psymon & Lazarus

Psytek - Secret Society Winter Solstice Gathering - featuring Hefty Output (Keteh, melb), Ketamind (Doof, Israel), Raptor (Mechanik, Syd), C-Matic (NZ), Suspekt, Player1, Solatek, Cykon vs KBPS, Psymon, Lazarus

Open/Psytek - Transition Gemini/Taurus Cusp party - featuring Sun Control Species (Live, Melb), Shadow FX (Melb), Ketamind (Israel), Maurizzio(France), Andras(Hungary), Player1, Solatek vs Suspekt, Makoto and Lazarus

Open Productions/Zenon Records presents - Sensient "Pressure Optimal" album launch featuring Sensient (live), Tetrameth (Zenon), Extradry (Zenon), Solatek, Player1, Suspekt, Psymon, Cykon vs KBPS and Lazarus

Alice Vs Mushroom Man featuring Eegor (Sub Machine), Extradry (Zenon Records), Solatek, Lazarus, Psymon, Player1, Konsoto, Psychosis Brothers, Cykon vs KBPS, Suspekt, Deejital

Inbox Cafe - Tribal Grooves featuring Suspekt

Parawanga- Spirit Of Madness featuring TETRAMETH (Zenon Records), Mind Manifesting, Martinez and the Mariachi Quartet (Live Instrumental), Cal + Pija, Cykon vs KBPS, Rubberbandits, Stampetey, Suspekt, AC - adaptor, Kranna, Sub-Orda vs O.T.M, Psymon, Isiah

Fire Art Entertainment presents Medicine Drum LIVE featuring Medicine Drum, Chris Deker (USA), Alex Newman (UK), Psymon, Moti, Tee-C, Suspekt

Pleasure Productions presents "It's all good Easter Friday" featuring Mr Peculiar (Tribeadelic, Melb), Psymon, Cykon, Deano and AC-Adaptor vs Tweekunit

Earth Tribe Gathering featuring Extradry (Zenon Records), Player1 vs KBPS vs Cykon, Suspekt, Lazarus, Buffalo Pilot, Shaka & Disco Jo

Inner Sanctum featuring Solatek, Suspekt, MOE, Psytron, Psymon, Buffalo Pilot, Player1, Mighty Ramen, Zooth, Sofa

GnA presents Backdrop Youth Arts Festival featuring Mantrix (Melb), Solatek, MOE, Cykon, Bredsticks, Detune, Suspekt

Skagnetty Productions presents Winter Jam - Anything goes - Featuring Player1, Psymon, Suspekt, Lazarus, Makoto, Buffalo Pilot

Resident @ Freakquency Fridaze through all 3 venues (Bassment, KavaHut and Cape York)

Skagnetty Productions - New Years 2005 - featuring Lazarus, Solatek, A-bomb, Psymon, Suspekt

Versus featuring Legohead, Agent23, Femme (chill stage set)

Heaps of smaller/private parties

Highlight of Career

So much stuff to single it down now... but some big memories include the release of the debut Open Recs compilation


OPNDG001 - The Slow-Release Remixes EP (digitally exclusive to beatport) featuring remixes of Wombat & 2kings in Motion tracks

OPNCD001 VA- Slow Release compiled by Suspekt+Woodsman... featuring Antix, Sun Control Species, D-Sens, FOG, Brisker&Margitman, Embark, Wombat and Eegor.
(released Dec 06)

Upcoming Releases

OPNDG002 - GMJ - Lerempri EP. Debut release from well-known Melbourne DJ Gavin Martin. Featuring 3 different remixes, it will feature a little something for everyone!

OPNCD002 VA - Festivus compiled by Suspekt & Woodsman



Suspekt is 22yo Jesse Kuch, hailing from the tropical beaches and rainforests of Far North Queensland, Australia. Co-Owner of Australian progressive label Open Records- Jesse hopes to bring fresh life to the evolving sound of modern progressive music.

The Suspekt sound is deep & atmospheric, driven by tribal rhythms and bass-heavy undertones, with a lashing of tech-sensibility to boot. Hovering somewhere in the grey area between progressive trance, house and techno music, his trademark “Voodoo” groove is becoming well-known to daytime dancefloors.

The past few years have seen Jesse become a regular mainstage fixture at such festivals as Summer Solstice (Vic & FNQ), Winter Solstice (FNQ), Tribeadelic NYE (Vic), Phonoscope(Vic), Audiogasm (FNQ), Earth Freq Festival & SuperFreak Festival (NNSW).

With a smooth transition technique & the freshest of tunes from the Open Records stable- Suspekt is surely one of the names to watch on the Australian outdoor party and festival circuit.

His list of supports includes artists such as Antix/Fiord, Peter Digital, Vibrasphere, Solead, Beat Bizarre, DJ Banel, Lunaspice/D-Sens, Motion, Behind Blue Eyes, SunControlSpecies, Krumuler, Tegma, DJ Slater, Monolake, Phoney Orphants, Sensient, Shadow FX, Tetrameth, Shakta/Digitalis & Spoonbill, among many others.

Jesse also pursues a journalistic career within the trance/progressive industry, writing articles, reviews & interviews for magazines, websites, promotion/PR & newspapers, for publications including Trancer’s Guide to the Galaxy, Revolve Magazine,,, Green Ant, Tribal Vision Records, Digital Structures/MPQDX & Moonflower Records.


From the rainforests and wilderness of Far North Queensland Australia, comes a new label focusing on the deeper side of progressive music – Open Records.

Inspired by the many parties and festivals in North Queensland and around Australia, the Open Records sound is deep, atmospheric, tribal progressive with a definite bass-heavy groove.

Hypnotic rhythms, spacious atmospheres and tribal percussions combine with elements of both digital and organic, classic and futuristic to forge a cutting edge, fresh sound in progressive music.

It is a sound that defies genre definition- fusing together elements of progressive trance, house and techno but at the same time, keepings its roots firmly planted in the outdoor trance party scene of Australia.

Featuring a mixture of both established and fresh artists/DJs from both Australia and Internationally, Open Records is supported by a strong network of like-minded people across the globe.

Collaborating artists include D-Sens (France), Antix (New Zealand), Sun Control Species (Australia), Brisker&Margitman (Israel), FOG (Greece), Embark (NZ/Aus) and Eegor (Australia). Additionally, Open Records will be represented by DJs Suspekt and Woodsman in Cairns (A&R/Label Management), Eegor in Sydney and Motive in Melbourne.

Mastering is completed at Slow Burning Studios, New Zealand by Barton Strom, Artwork and Graphics by Jason from Modulated Monkey and distribution is supplied by TwoHands. (

Open Records- a fresh sound in intelligent, cutting-edge daytime progressive.

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