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Psychedelic Trance


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Swan X-1 @ Subsolo, Portugal
Swan X-1 @ Baby'Oh, Maceda



Swan X-1 began in 2004, when friends Serguei and Syuls'nak3 decided to join efforts and created this live trance project, aiming to join live instruments with electronic compositions.

Serguei plays guitar, synths and produces his own music on a wide variety of styles for a long time. He has been into gothic, sonic, industrial, metal, rock projects as composer and musician. He met trance music at Boom Festival 2000, was token strongly by the experience and started producing trance and other electronic genres since then.

Syuls'nak3 plays drums, synths, guitar and is in the musical scene since childhood. He played in rock, metal, gothic and other type of bands as a drummer. He is a sound engineer since the end of the 90's and has been working in countless concerts, festivals and events. He is in the portuguese trance scene since 1999 as a DJ, and started producing his own chill-out and trance tracks in 2002.

Check our demos and full tracks at our site:

Serguei and Syuls'nak3 also work together in chill-out project and in Jazzu electro-organic band.

Studio Setup

Pentium-IV 3.0 laptop
AMD Athlon 64bit 3.4 laptop
2x Edirol PCRA-30 audio/midi interface
Cubase, VSTs, analogue Synths
Guitar, Amplifyer, Effects, Midi Controller
Drums, Electronic drums
Various percussions

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