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Felix Greenlees


Felix Greenlees



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Sundance Records/Psypneumatix records

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Musical Influences


Melodic full-on

Current Top 10

Jaia - Orchestra 2.0
bliss - the rhythmus gene
Nystagmus - Tommy is dead
Hallucinogen - Stretch-tastic
Magical Sex - Ping Pong
Ott - Spannered in Pilton
Electroholics - Plutonic Universe
Hydrophonic - Creepy Cheeky Naughty Naughty
Talpa - Trust no Goblin
(in no particular order :-)

Favourite Artists

Simon Posford, Talpa, Escher, Dali, Stravinsky, Alex Grey, Frank Zappa, Bill Hicks


Upcoming Events

may 19
Shitz and Gigglez 4 (NSW) with Xatrik, Multistate, Dark Nebula...
june 9
Royal Doof 4 (VIC) with Space Tribe, Penta, Digital Talk and more
june 15
Winter Solstice (QLD)
september 21
Spring Equinox (NSW) with Raz, Crazy Ducks, Electroholics...

Previous Events

Dream is Destiny (NSW) With Franny and Luke Shamanix
Trash party (Melbourne) with Bionic Empire, Mr P and IOS
Organic Magic (VIC) with Ganga Giri, Don Peyotem, Mantrix... Transcend (TAS) with Tsabeat, Mycosonic and Hired Goonz
TFN Festival (VIC) with U-recken, Loud and Visual Paradox
Farjing 2 (Melbourne) with Bionic Empire, Decibel and Ozzy


v.a Sundance - Vibraspirit vol 11.23 - Psychedelic Acoustics

Upcoming Releases

few things in the pipeline :)



Felix Greenlees has been involved with creating music since he can remember, and growing up immersed himself with pursuing a career as a classical musician. He caught the psy trance bug though, and in 2002 he started to get a bit addicted to writing music. After 4 or so years battling it out in the studio, he is playing at parties all around Australia and has upcoming releases on both Sundance and Psypneumatix labels, as well as an album for Sundance in the works...

Studio Setup

ASus 2g centrino laptop. rme multiface 2, Novation Xiosynth, Oberheim 12, Alesis mkII monitors. plugins coming out the wazooo

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