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Marck Kruger


Marck Kruger


sydney, australia

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open eye/lunasphere

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Musical Influences


full on psychadelic, dark psy, dub, reggae.

Current Top 10

for psy trance, the list changes weekly with every album i get,every mix i do. sorry, its impossible to list. great track i recoommend as party starters..

american falafel, peacerespect(nabi records, 2005)
anything by terminator.
IBIS' whole album, spread/destruction (spreadtune)
dominator project-paranormal connection

All Time Top 10

for dub/reggae

renegade soundwave- renegade soundwave (leftfield dub) (future dub, NOVA 2000)
HEAD-WARNING (ON-UCD1002, chainstore massacre)
grey area- slowly (spirit zone 2002)
king jammy- slow motion dub (creole music, 1968)
Max romeo & the upsetters- i chase the devil 91976, island records)
i am getting bad- steve boswell (phase one records, unknown date. late 70's to be close
for psy; gees, theres so many!!!!!!!

Favourite DJs

NO MSG, Mark N. sub bass snarl. Jeff dread. dynamic,

Favourite Labels

phantasm records, NABI RECORDS, WARP, sub pop, crystal matrix, blood and fire, phase one (long defunct jamaican label).

Favourite Artists

SCORB, SEROXAT, APHEX TWIN, , SONIC YOUTH,KYUSS, pink floyd, baphomet engine, terminator. JAMAICA AS A WHOLE, ween.


Upcoming Events

more Complex Juggle events are planned for 2005 in Sydney, a trip to Lismore for some performances In late 2005
some psytrance events (hushhush right now) in Sydney area.

Previous Events


2003: Rumpus; (Bega, NSW)
2003: Elixir 5; (Wyong NSW)
2004: Dpsyfa The code (Singleton NSW)

2004: (Hypnoborea; Wattagan Mountains NSW)
2004: Cycle Logical; (Colo, NSW)

2005: Dpsyfa the code 2, (Sutton's Forest NSW)

2005 Full moon madness, (T QUEST) closing set at chill stage
Marulan NSW.

2005: ELIXIR 6. 6 STAGE EVENT, encompassing psytrance, hardcore, drum n bass, Dub, reggae, ambient and everything in between.
2005: Fractal forest, Wingello, NSW.
2005: Candyflip, Newcastle NSW.
2005: Paradox, Darwin.
2005: Power Plant
(3 days, 3 stages, 5000 natives to plant
4th - 6th November 2005)

Highlight of Career

for inspiration, nothing beats first real doof experience, A bush Odyssey. For letting me know how to hypnotise 10000 people, sonic youth @ somersault concert, sydney. for their washing machine tour.



Well im available for gigs if you ask nicely. now the rest, so you know what your in for....

Masters in Audio Design (Syd. uni)
Bachelor of Arts (visual Arts , painting drawing double major) (UWS )

SOUND TECHNICIAN (big day out, telstra stadium, etc)

A/V technician by trade, specialising in top flight home audio installation and system design. Two channel analog and digital and speaker setup are my love.
Daily installs in hotels, conference & function centres, recording studios, etc.

Studio Setup

alesis masterlink 9600 high resolution mastering unit
bel canto design amplifiers, preamps and DIGITAL ANALOGUE CONVERTERS.
2*denon dns 5000 cd /mp3 players
custom made cables, isolation platforms
thorens turntable
definitive technology bp-30 BIPOLAR loudspeaker
bass traps in corners diffusers behind speakers.

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