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Third Drop Reflection

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02 03 2003


Epp Records

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Musical Influences


Melodic PsyTrance

Favourite DJs

Dj Mash (India)

Favourite Artists

Logic Bomb - Silicon Sound - Xenomorph - The Delta - Texas Faggott - Simon Posford - Perry Farrell -


Upcoming Events

Sep 2006 - The Awakening - T'Quest

Production in Studio Vöi-Vöd

Previous Events

Jan 2006 - New Years - A Tribeadelic Gathering

Dec 2005 - * Erisian Fields * D.M.T.
Nov 2005 - The Martin Fitzgerald File:Declassified
Oct 2005 - T'Quest - The Awakening
Sep 2005 - Earthdance - New Caledonia
June 2005 - Earthcore - Skazi Chemical Tour
June 2005 - Revealing Mind - Beyond Imagination
April 2005 - D-PSYFA - Triptych & John 00 Fleming
Mar 2005 - T'Quest - Full Moon Madness
Feb 2005 - Recommended Solutions 3
Jan 2005 - Tsunami Fundraiser

Dec 2004 - NYE Doof Experience
Dec 2004 - Liminal Morphology
Aug 2004 - EPP Records CD launch

April 2004 - Hyperborea
Dec 2003 - Hypnotribe
Oct 2003 - Unknown Alternative
June 2003 - logic Bomb
March 2003 - Club Sessions
Dec 2002 - NYE Liquid Labyrinth

Highlight of Career

Life itself is beautiful. Each day, each minute, each second


Epp Records - Location 2Hrs From Sydney
- Flutterby -

Epp Records - Martin Fitzgerald File
- Lucid Dreaming pt2 -



Barry Anthony was born in a small town in central Europe, then raised In Hamburg Germany until his family moved to Sydney Australia when he was just seven years old. At the age of ten, Barry started his musical lessons which sadly only lasted a short five years.
Then in early 93, Psychedelic Trance Found Him which re kindled his love for playing the keyboard in 1998 from which he has never looked back.
In the year 2000 Barry founded ( which now has a vast array of photos from trance parties throughout Australia ) and also his Dj career as "SurReal" playing along side greats like Richard Ahlberg and Infected Mushroom amongst others.
In 2002, Barry Anthony joined Rez Khan ( Dreamthief ) and began Producing in Studio Vöi-Vöd as "Locrian" which quickly brought them both into the limelight after playing Live along side Fractal Glider, Ticon and then Live support for Logic Bomb.
In 2003, Rez Khan announced his move to Melbourne Australia Which in turn enticed The birth of "Third Drop Reflection" A swirling stream of uplifting melodies with a small taste of dark and haunting turns.
Now just under two years in the passing, Third Drop Reflection has since been signed with EPP Records, a healthy amount of live gigs supporting international producers and Dj's, two compilation releases and an album out early this year.

Barry Anthony also has interests in Ants, Hyenas and Sticks of different shapes and sizes.

Studio Setup

AMD Athalon 2.16GgHz processor
Dual screens
512 MB ram
M Audio - Delta

LG Laptop
3.06Ghz processor
USB midisport 2x2
Indigo Echo 24bit soundcard

Clavia - Nord Lead 2
Access - Virus KC
Mackie SR24-4 Mixing Desk
Alesis MidiVerbe 4
Alesis 3630 Compressor
Peavie stereo graphic Eq
Behringer Modulizer Pro DSP 1200P (vocal recordings only)
Optimus microphone (studio vocal recordings)
Sharp Minidisk + Sony stereo microphone ( outdoor recordings)


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