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Duncan Tiano Gamboa Macpherson





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SilverFrog Productions

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Musical Influences


Progressive Trance, Dub, Chillout, Electro

Current Top 10

Skazi: Fire n' Ice
Suncontrol Species: Any
Krumbler: Any
vibrasphere: Manzanilla
klangstrahler Projekt: Any
Shiva Chandra: Any
Medicine Drum: Any
Cosma: Any
Protoculture: any
Ott: Any track from 'Blumenkraft'

Favourite DJs

Drooid (Suncontrolspecies), Simon Posford, Wodger Want, Michelle Adamson, Peter Didgital, Vibrasphere, Franny.

Favourite Labels

Iboga, ZMA, Flow Records, Twisted Records, Dakini Records, Flying Rhino Records, Plusquam Records.

Favourite Artists

Vibrasphere, Ott, Drooid, Simon Posford, Krumbler.


Previous Events

Rainbow Serpent 2005
Samothraki Festival
Psience of Sound (UK)

Highlight of Career

Rainbow Serpent 2005



Have been putting on parties since my involvement in the trance scene since 2001 or there abouts, previous to that was involved in the music industry acoustically (still am to some extent). Have been classically trained musically. Largest parties/ festivals I have involved myself with were: Samaothraki festival and Rainbow Serpent 2005. I have a passion for music in general, but have a particular affiliation to Trance music. I do not like to let politics get in the way of putting on a party. And there is nothing better once a party is started than to see everybody dancing, especially when I am DJ'ing. Am available for all future gigs.

Studio Setup

RCF Active sound system, DBX Eqauliser, DBX compressor, RCF Monitor Speaker, Antec Aria PC, Logitech studio speakers, Technics G5 Turntables, Denon 3000 CDJ's, Alan Heath Xone 62 Mixer, Korg Kaos Pad.

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