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Tim Harvey

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Tim Harvey


Melbourne, Australia

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Green Ant

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Smooth Progressive, Phat & Funky


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Previous Events

Potplant II - The Public Office
Entrance Digizine Launch - The Mansion
Tranceplant Mad Elephant - Lismore
Alien Earth II - Marysville
Libra Full Moon Party – Kilcunda
Electric Picnic – Powelltown
Bush Martians NYE 2003-2004 – Otway Ranges
Alien Earth III – Riddells Creek
Kaleidoscope – Ace Morning Bar
Royal Doof – Otway Ranges
Arcane Ritual – Otway Ranges
Somatica – Bunker Lounge
Modulated Monkey – Brown Alley
Transylvania Calling - Transylvanian Alps, Romania
Dream Tunnel - Belfast, Ireland
Psychedelic Shenanigans - Big River
Hujaboy - Hi Fi Bar
Doof Is Dead - Otway Ranges
Earthcore Festival 2004 - Undera / Shepparton
Tribeadelic New Years Eve 2004-2005 - Gippsland
Alien Earth 4 - Grampians
Freedom Party - Benalla
Psych Shenanigans III - Rubicon
Sesto Sento (Melbourne) - Hi Fi Bar
Intellectronica 27/8/05 - Melb
Alien Earth - GAPPEQ (LIVE) 10/9/05 - Melb
Tribal Disco - 14/10/05 - VIC
Halloween - 29/10/05 - VIC
Earthcore Global Carnival - 25-27/11/05 - VIC
Benefit Night 9/12/05 - VIC
Tribeadelic Festival - NYE 05-06 - VIC
Triptamind Day Party - 15/01/06 - VIC
Rainbow Serpent Festival - Fri 27th - Mon 30th Jan 06.
Intellectronica - 18/02/06 Melb.
SMUG Party - 31/03/06 Melb.
Somatica Easter - 15/04/06 VIC
Royal Doof - Queens Birthday Weekend - VIC.
Kerplunk - 04/11/06

Highlight of Career

Playing 3hr sunrise set in the Transylvanian Alps, Romania, great weather amazing people.



Melbourne DJ and sometimes producer, Tim Harvey has been lurking around the Australian electronic music scene since 1996 when an old school friend took him to an outdoor dance party just outside Melbourne which introduced him to a host of new possibilities for the manipulation of sound.

Having played numerous musical instruments as a child, and having partly busked his way through Uni, it wasn’t long before he was swapping the guitar for a computer and starting to experiment with his own compositions.

Tim has a long history of involvement in the healthy Melbourne electronic scene that includes Tranceplant, a Melbourne-based collective that ran outdoor events in conjunction with environmental work such as tree plantings. For several years he was 1 half of the legendary underground dark psychedelic purveyors Alien Earth. These days he is one of the core crew working madly behind the scenes of Rainbow Serpent Festival in Victoria.

Tim's current direction represents a fusion of funky progressive fused with elastic, funktuated electro cuts and a good dose of grinding techno.

His sets represent everything fun, funky and driving in electronic music. Solid mixing skills and his infectious nature never fails to get a floor moving. He is a favourite for early afternoon dancefloors where his down to earth attitude shines through.

Juggling other commitments, he spends as much time as possible in the studio (not enough) where he tries to hammer out at least a few tracks each year to satisfy his creative yearnings.

Tim has been a long term fixture at Australia’s most well-respected electronic music festivals including Rainbow Serpent Festival, Tribeadelic Gatherings and Earthcore. He can also be found playing around the various Melbourne clubs and smaller outdoor festivals.

Internationally he’s played across Europe and South East Asia.

These days Tim’s still actively ‘out there’ as a DJ, working behind the scenes on Rainbow and still having the time of his life.

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