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Darshan Sivathasan




Melbourne, Australia

DJ since:


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World Wide DJs Online


World Wide DJs Online, Tough Trax Records, Future Sounds U.K, Blue Water Studios, Dreamsmedia Entertainment, BAMM Studios [Netherlands]

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Musical Influences


Hard Trance, GOA

Current Top 10

En-RGy - DJ trapz

All Time Top 10

As above

Favourite DJs

Oakenfold, Tiesto

Favourite Labels

Furture Sounds UK, Tough Trax


Upcoming Events

Uplifting beats -

Previous Events

Previous Venues Performed At:
e.g. Zouk – Singapore, M.O.S. – UK, Insomnia – Ibiza
Events Country Affiliates PAX

Year YKROP 97.2 FM UK -
Dance Radio Show 1997
Trance 4 Nation UK - -
Summer 2000 Radio Gets Wild FM UK -
Web radio dance music show,
UK 2002 Transition
Singapore Abstract Events,
WWDJs 100 2001 Insomnia EFX Opening Canada
World Cup Extravaganza @ The Padang Singapore
98.7 FM, Red Bull, Showtec, FAS, WWDJs 10,000 Summer 2002 Cascades Sri Lanka Morph Media,
WWDJs 2002 Apache Indian @ Orange Singapore WWDJs
Mahalo Beach Party Singapore WWDJs
Gate Crash 03
2003 SJ Launch Melbourne Sound Juice, WWDJs,
Outbreed 200 2004 Hip Hop Ultimatum @ Maldivian Post Maldives WWDJs 2000+ 2004

Radio Appearances

Radio Show UK 1997, 98.7 FM , Singapore

Highlight of Career

Executive Managing Director of the World Wide DJs Online Network



DJ Trapz, a profound DJ in his field has won the hearts of many in the Trance genre. He started his DJ career at a young age of 17 in Westminster, London where he did small time gigs at various events. As years progressed, he managed to admister the various techniques used to entice a crowd hungry for revolutionary trance. DJ Trapz has both co-hosted and dj'ed at a couple of International events in various locations in the world, such as, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Jakarta, London, etc.

He is currently the Executive Managing Director of the World Wide DJs Online Network, and has planned many more events.

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