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Unconformed/Hell Doofers/ Psyentology/ Jack da Tripperr

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Sid Project



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Musical Influences


Commercial Psychedelic

Current Top 10

Mr P
Fractal Glider
Broken Toy
IM (yeah, i dnt give a fuck what you think, write music that good)
The Doors
Beastie Boys
Any or all tracks are banging.

All Time Top 10

Son kite
Simon Posford
My life with the thrill kill cult
Machine head
System of a down
Apheix Twin (spelling?)
Red Hot Chillies
Huan (Spritual Healing)

Favourite DJs

Alamout, Incogrous, Direct Drive, Loose Cannon, No Msg, Shangri-La, Raptor, Luke Psy Walker

Favourite Labels

Sonic Dragan for sure, or anything Aussie, like Psy harmonics or

Favourite Artists

Mr P, Fractal glider, Benza


Upcoming Events

Every other weekend at a club or house party in Canberra, im a shit dj so I dnt get booked that much I think hahahah

Previous Events

Dpsyfa The Code, Prism, Mother Nature, when Sound Becomes Colour

Highlight of Career

Mother Nature



I run an events crew in Canberra called Side Project, We have been going strong for three years and well over fiffty events under our belt. I have made about eight outdoor parties, and the rest are club nights. Although I do other stuff like DnB and Breaks
events, the team is right into sharring Psy with the genral poulation. this is like a misson. The first time I flew, at Exodus in 2002, I wanted to make other ppl fly also. I only started to dj because there where not enough local Psy acts here. I produced music from 1996, industrial, hardcore and hip-hop, but gave up becasue it takes to much time, and I want to focus on other things. I have been and mangaged bands, enterd MC competions and been an all round nutter since I was 15. I put my first gig on in 1995 and Im 26 now. Looking foward to how I can push my self in the future. Every event 9outdoor mainly) is a chance to learn and grow, to be more effecient. we run our crew like a military opperation, and the goal is to be 20% as effecient as an SAS soilder.

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