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Sydney/Byron Bay Australia

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UP Records

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All Styles of Psychedelic: Full on, Progressive, Night, Chill

Current Top 10

RAZ - Multi_session
RAZ - Unknown Chapter
RAZ - Quest for light
Primcyde - Blog Killer 2008
Talpa - Little Pink Elephant
Talpa - Aboriginal
Phat Controllerz - Buggered
Phat Controllerz - Fuk It
Positive Thought - NN
Knaprika - Ghorgan



V/A Angelic
V/A Recycle Bean
V/A Manifesation
RAZ - Digital Existence (Digital Album)

Upcoming Releases

Harax - Inly
Crystal Clear - Strange
V/A UP and Away
Tristan Boyle/Phat Controllerz (Debut album)
Mental Extensions (debut Album)
Positive Thought (debut album)
Digital Drop (debut album)
Talpa (3rd Studio Album)

Studio Setup

Power Up Studio Sydney:

G5 Tower, 2 x Asus Laptop, 2 x G5 Powerbook, KRK Rockit 6" Studio Moniters, Tapco s8" Studio Moniters, M-Audio 5" Studio Moniters, Virus TI Desktop, NI Audio Control 1, Motu 896 HD, Powercore X8, Korg Kontrol49.

Cubase 4
Logic Studio

+ Heaps of Plug Ins

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