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Sharron.. (AKA, Rezidue Visuals, AKA Eskatonia)



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R.E.G.E.N., Ixchel, Eskatonia Performance Visuals,Secret Weapon Productions, Rezidue Visuals,

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Pixel Pusher.....

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Favourite DJs

ones who work hard and play live.


Upcoming Events

~REGEN~ ReGrowth Festival Phase 5

Previous Events

Fav artists I've played with:
Simon Posford (Hallucinogen & Sphongle), Tsuyoshi Suyoshi, Raja Ram, GMS, Goa Gil, Eat Static, Talamasca, Infected Mushroom, Vibrasphere, Perry Farrell, VNV Nation. and some other guys.

full details (although I'm sure I've missed a heap of gigs here)
14.11 Compression Session
3-5 Oct Dragon Dreaming
Dragon Dreaming Launch


Dragon Dreaming Festival
Dragon dreaming lauch
REGEN Regrowth

02.02 ~ Eat static, space Tribe, Michelle Adamson


Dec 15 ~ REGEN presents GOA GIL
Nov 10 ~ IXGHEL ` Eingana
Nov 3 ~ Track 3 - EPP
Oct 26 ~ Conquest presents PIXEL
19.09 - Earthdance afterparty
21.07 - Damara - Ixchel
07.07 - Beyond Imagination 777
23.06 - Terranova - Speakerhuggers
25.05 Cosmic Couriers - T-Quest
18.05 - Club Berserk
05.05 - Bent Perception
13-15.04 R.E.G.E.N - Regrowth 07
30.03 - Sarasvati - IXCHEL
03.03 - Club Berserk
19.01 - Hellfire club


Oct 21 - Club BERSERK
Oct 22 - Cirque De Soleli Crew Party
Oct 29 - The Aria Awards Party
- Sep 30th The Awakening-T-quest.
- Sep 9th PERPETUAL APPARITIONS-A 'wlf production!/PsyKe Out.
- Sep 2nd- BERSERK- mandarin club
- August 26th-Afternoon chill session @ Cafe Broadway, Sydney
- Earthdance after party :D-
- Save ANVIL HILL!!!
-Regen.19th August, 2006. Bondi Junction
Substandard, Stockton Beach~~ they let me project onto sand dunes!! ~~ Winter Solstice Lifestyle Gathering Psytek Productions / Universal Fractal. Cairns ~~NHB - Hellfire -A secret manky warehouse location~~Regrowth Regen 06

As ReZidue VIsuals
~~Infected Mushroom & Raja Ram Home nightclub, Sydney ~~Cosmic Couriers T-quest ~~


Erisian Fields, Dpsyfa and Discordian Monkey Tribe~Earthcore global carnival. Sets with Perry Farrel and Regurgitator, Victoria.
~~ Power Plant, Regen ~~ The Awakening T-Quest~~ Biversity
Rogues - Oxford St~~ Earthdance, Sydney Park~~VNV Nation
Synthesis Productions, Gaelic Club~~Earthdance Launch Party, World Bar~~PSYKEDELIC THERAPY, WLF Productions~~Cyberdelia
Bar Broadway.~~Wired for Sound. Abercrombie Hotel~~Skazi. Earthcore ~~Cosmic Couriers. T-Quest ~~Triptych & John 00 Fleming. D-PSYFA~~proggy froggy@ BJ's Bondi Junction~~Full Moon Madness - T Quest ~~tsuyoshi suyoshi - earthcore~~
Hellfire Sydney (monthly residency) ~~Neotoyko@ club 77~~Infected Mushroom & Fractal Glider @ Space, Earthcore~~Biversity @ Burdekin Sydney, ~~Medicine Drum @ Newcastle~~Crash Frequency @ one World Sports, Sydney~~


-Hellfire Sydney @ Club 77 Sydney (ReZidue)

Eskatonia gigs. Sharron & Roger with camera feeds and general assistance by Miriam Spring for the majority of later gigs
Hullucinogen @ Space Nightclub~~Talamasca and Tristan @ Space, Earthcore~~Earthdance @ Sydney Park~~XDream @ City Hotel~~Skazi @ Space, Science of Sound~~Bliss feat Deedrah, Earthcore~~Protoculture, Discordian Monkey Tribe~~Cyberotica feat Infected Mushroom & GMS, Earthcore~~

Eskatonia con't

~~Tim Healey "Electric Tease", RIF Productions and Electric Monkeys~~Earthcore 2003~~Deep as Funk, RIF Productions~~Tribal Shift, 'wlf productions~~Elixir 5~~Utopia, the psytrance stage~~Astrix and Bamboo ForestA, T-Quest~~Earthdance 2003~~Deep as Funk, Rif Productions~~Track 4, electric power pole~~I Like Doofing, Naviar
~~Parthinium, newEcrew~~Hypernova, Speaka Huggas~~Logic Bomb (set with VJ Spook), yak and yeti~~Club Sessions featuring Sensient and Drooid, yak and yeti~~Startas Deep as Funk featuring Gab Olivier (with VJ 4th Dimension), rif productions~~The Infected Mushroom afterparty, yak and yeti~~Elixir 4, elixir crew~~Gary the $5 doof, electric power pole productions

Highlight of Career

the confused & enlightened looks on punters faces..dawhhh...AND the privilege of working so close to some of the best psy artists in the world.


nope.. I don't record my work on its own, its temporal in nature.

BUT I am keen on working with any producers desiring a digital visual translation of their work. (wanna make a music video??)

Upcoming Releases

Always interested in collorabation/idea sharing with other VJ's or interested people. I strongly believe that what we can create together is always a sum far greater than its parts.



Sharron is widely known and accepted as a premier provider of quality digital visual master artistry and general pixel related fun and "oh my god, my eyeballs! arrgghhhhh!" *** style wonderous pixel related treats.

Started on the visuals path in 2003 with Eskatonia Performance Visuals, a colloboration between Sharron and Roger Bolton. Roger then moved to London and is now part of Inside-Us-All, who were voted the worlds #1 VJ by DJ magaizine. (see Eskatonia Visuals
& Myspace Eskatonia)

With Roger leaving, Miriam was trained up in the many skills required for VJ'ing and together Sharron & Miriam created ReZidue Visuals. ReZidue Visuals provided high quality creative visuals to the psytrance and fetish worlds for over a year..Then it was time for change again. Miriam branched out on her own and has become, with encouragement, VJ mim_in_boots

Sharron is now working solo, with total creative freedom, and a reputation of being the driving force behind Psytrance visuals in Sydney for many years.

Custom content, live feeds, installations, any kind of visual needs, she's done it with style and generally a dose of doofa mischief.

Please feel free to contact for showreel.

*** source - Owen- manky XXXhardcore Newy doofer

Studio Setup

VJ'ing has been my world for many years now, and I have collected an impressive array of gear to enable unique and high quality performances. I've had well known international producers quiver with gear lust at my set up, need I say more??
well I will-
_gear includes_
lots of video geekary...knobs, levers and buttons, some flashy lights, dvd players and 100's of shiny things to put in them, remotes, mixer, lappie, super video camera and leads oh so many leads, I mean really, they are everywhere!!

_The serious stuff_
MacBook Pro 2.33GHz Intel Core 2 Duo with accelerated graphic capabilites
Mac G5 - duel processor with accelerated graphic capabilites
Mac G4 Powerbook
1 x grunty PC video editting beasty
IBM streetpie thinkpad
Edirol V4 - 4 channel video mixer
Behringer BCF 2000 Midi controller
4x mini DVD players
DVD recorder
LCd output monitors, large and small
Cannon 3CCD video camera
2000 illumens Toshiba DLP projector
all sorts of wireless gizmos for remote camera feeds

(my live set up is pretty much the same as my studio setup, minus the pc and the G5)

##access to pretty well anything else needed, including screens, additional projectors and cameras##

AND access to unique cutting edge visuals software, as its developed (thanks to Eskatonia Visuals>). This ensures that the shows unlike anything seen anywhere else.

But wait there is more.
Aided by the technical brilliance that is Secret Weapon Productions, I am able to provide pretty much any screen/projector set up, installation or any visual wizardy needed, Plus hassle free setups at any event.

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