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Voice of Cod

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Andrew Humphries & Colin Bennun


London (but Andrew grew up in Brisbane and still calls Australia homer)

Producer since:

Voice of Cod - 2 years - been writing for about 3 years and Djing for about 8


Organic, Transient, Liquid Connective

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Musical Influences


Full on psy trance

Current Top 10

please see for all this sort of stuff :0)

also see

& for more info

Favourite DJs

Dimitri Nakov

Favourite Labels

Nano, Spun, many more , who ever releases good music


Radio Appearances &

Highlight of Career

Gigs across europe have all been great. Djing in USA was also a highlight


* We are Free - Organic - Psytelligence
* The Art of Funk Shui - Transient - UK Trance
* Its Just a Ride - Organic - New Generation
* Its Just a Ride - La - Compilation

As Mr Biscuit

* Texas Rhetoric on Free your funky chickens, Slim Shady on
psytelligence, oil crisis on new generation,

As Hammerheads with Chris Organic

Upcoming Releases

Heart of Gold on Liquid Connective Records (

Voice of Cod album on Organic Records..



I'm also A&R Manager for Organic Records UK

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