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Darwin Dark Moon Multi-birthday Doof

Darwin Doof Crew

Date: Saturday 19th August, 2006 - Sunday 20th August, 2006
Time: 11:00 PM - 10:00 AM
State: Northern Territory
Venue: Old East Point BBQ area on East Pt Road, first speed hump past Pee Wees on the Point.

DJs: Afro, Infidelic vs Acidoofilus, TeeJay, Cy, Fluent Truant, Imposter, Imput Flip, VJ Asterix

Dark Moon Leo into Virgo

So everyone's has been scratchin thier itchy feet lately... no-no its not coz of any o those manky troppo rashes folks, its coz a coupla months have passed between parties!! So here we go again, its on..

The Darwin Doof crew invite all and sundry to come along, raise the dust and dance thier asses off under the big banyan tree at East Point as the moon decends into darkness. Join a host of local and international psy, proggy and eclectic DJs and our fave local VJ - Mr VJ Asterix as we pound out the sound like nowhere to be found!! So dress up in yer funky threads and lets see ya on the dancefloor.

There are a number of birthdays (including Krishna himself) which will be anounced at the event so keep yer ears on.

Cool colourful lighting and heaps of funky UV

Chai tent by Chaibatron

Massage by Paul Hart - Hart Massage

Fire by Psycus

Sound: Dors of Perception

Lighting: Mad Kat Lighting

Decor: STring TIngz

Ticket Info: $10 donations kindly accepted

Contact Email: si.milner@yahoo.com.au

Phone: 0408904116 Si

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