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Conquest, Zen & Freakquency

Date: Friday 4th April, 2008
State: Cairns
Venue: Freakquency

Live Acts: Skazi

DJs: Gilian (IL), Mista Kifsta, Shaka

[b]Zen Events[/b], [b]CONQUEST[/b] & [b]Freakquency[/b] are very proud to bring you

[b][size=18]SKAZI LIVE [/size][/b](ISRAEL, Chemical Crew / Coast II Coast Entertainment)

[b][size=18]GILIAN [/size][/b](ISRAEL, CONQUEST)

[b][size=18]Mista Kiffsta [/size][/b](Cairns, Freakquency Records)

[b][size=18]sHaka [/size][/b](Cairns, Freakquency Records)

[b]Friday 4th April 2008[/b]
Freakquency Nightclub

More information very soon - watch this space!

Ticket Info: $30

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