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Date: Saturday 8th August, 2009 - Sunday 9th August, 2009
Time: 4:00 PM - 4:00 PM
State: Queensland
Venue: Beaudesert

DJs: Quench (Tas), Foot-e (Bio-Sine Nnsw), Dolby Digital(Nnsw), Vlad (Brazil), Dark White(PsyPneumatix records), Dr Fil (Sundance Records), Hazard (Gold Coast), Problem Child (Gold Coast), Gilli (Bris), Black Rose(Bris), Yassa Acid Phat(Bris), Fluronaut(Bris), PsycaRumber(Gold Coast), Blaylok(Gold Coast), Jesse James(Gold Coast),Fairyrose(Gold coast), Ultrsound(Nnnsw)

An open air psytrance event

Fairyrose n friends, invites happy people to come, join in our UV night of fun, by night dress in black n white, at the hint of natural light, check out the colourful site

No glass stubbies please be respectful to the landowner who runs a cattle n horse property. Binnybuts n rubbish bags at entrygate. Please take your rubbish with you.

Sound: Lost World Productons 7k system

Visuals: Moose on the Loose, Lully Starfriut fire spinning show

Lighting: Dr Freak

Decor: Fairyrose n friends

Ticket Info: $30 at the gate

More info: http://www.oztrance.net

Contact Email: moontopia@live.com.au

Phone: 0427 226 959

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