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Date: Saturday 7th January, 2012 - Sunday 8th January, 2012
Time: 10:00 PM - 7:00 AM
State: Victoria
Venue: MyAeon - 791 Sydney Rd, Brunswick. 3056

DJs: Zozan-Thelic:Jewelz:Tony Loucas:AndyCan:FaFF

Zozan-Thelic:Jewelz:Tony Loucas:AndyCan:FaFF:Where's Wally?


Grab your first BIG:RED:BUS ride of 2012 on Jan 7th when we thaw out a bunch of our cryogenically frozen BIG:RED:BUS DJs and cattle prod them into action at your service.

We are allowing the crew off of their leashes for the night and expect them to party harder than ever. Please pick any of them up off the floor that might be in your way.

And we welcome back the FUNKTION ONE 21" bass monsters that are sure to rattle your constitution and apologise beforehand for any subharmonic chakra demoleculation that may need rectifying before you see us again at Rainbow Serpent.

Joining our happy band of melody-manglers this month are:

WHERE'S WALLY - the reincarnation of Mozart, this one time car jacker has been injected with huge levels of vitamin E which not only makes his skin softer than a baby's arse but also has allowed him to access never before experienced levels of musical enjoyment. His tunes may actually cause your underwear to lose its elasticity and fall to the floor. We apologise in advance for any embarassment caused.

ZOZAN-THELIC - here's an Earthling of whom very little is known. Raised by a pod of Queensland dolphins - he can hold his breathe for his entire DJ set making them intense and moving experiences. Expect the unexpected and be prepared for his deep sound to transport you to 20,000 leagues. Feel free to bring your goldfish and Sea Monkeys along on the night.

We also welcome back TONY LOUCAS after being abducted by aliens and brought back only after extensive testing that involved whipped cream, a unicycle and an over-sized carrot. Enough said!

23:30 FaFF
01:00 JEWELZ
04:00 aNDYCAN

And your VJ for the evening will once more be the dashing yet demonic BLUEMD

Bus Fare = $10 (FREE if you rock up on your 'pushie')
MYAEON : 791 Sydney Rd : Brunswick
07 JAN : 2012
22:00 - 07:00 hours

Be prepared : Dib Dib Dib:Ding!

Sound: Funktion-One

Visuals: BlueMD

Lighting: BIG:RED:BUS


Ticket Info: Ticket to ride: $10 Free if you arrive on a push bike!!!

More info: http://www.bigredbus.net.au

Contact Email: Timdoreian@hotmail.com

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