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A 'wlf production!/PsyKe Out

Date: Saturday 9th September, 2006 - Sunday 10th September, 2006
Time: 9:00 PM - 3:30 PM
State: New South Wales
Venue: Outdoor Location

Live Acts: Gappeq (Ketuh Recs), Sensum (ZMA Recs), Abstract New Dimensions (Elixir, Clan Analogue)

DJs: Thiago Miranda (Vertigo/Alkaloid Recs, Brazil) Vs Agent23 (Illuminati Recs), Ghettafunkt (Gi'iwa Recs, Byron), Satanstoenail (Somatica, Melb) Vs Cyberwlf (Nabi Recs), Sunrunner Vs Sol Connection (EPP Recs), Mash (Underground Gravity), Simon (Zenon Recs), SubStance (DarkFaction), bio[diversity] (REGEN), Darkchild (BEEF Recs, T-Quest) Vs Galaktik (T-Quest), Brownee, Bounce (Warehouse Massive), Traveller, Quotient (Lvl-3), LSDJ (Lvl-3), Surian, The Professor (Elixir), and Kundalini (Elixir)

FEATURING: THIAGO MIRANDA - GHETTAFUNKT - SATANSTOENAIL - GAPPEQ + more!! Returning from the realms of chaos for the Spring Solstice to provide an outdoor psychedelic full moon adventure and contribute towards the Australian Youth project SquareOne!

Perpetual Apparitions - Featuring Thiago Miranda, Ghettafunkt, Satanstoenail, Gappeq, Sensum, and more!

A fundraiser/awareness event for the Australian youth project SquareOne. A full moon/Spring Solstice party!

From the crew behind the likes of Psykedelic Therapy 1 & 2, Tribal Shift, Astrophysia, and more. Join us once again on September 9, 2006 during the Spring Solstice for a full moon weekender at an un-missable outdoor psychedelic trance gathering; an event to raise awareness and donate any profits made to the Australian Youth project SquareOne (run by the not-for-profit Australian Youth organisation Vibewire).

Square One, is a project dedicated to providing a space and a resource for the youth market to have opportunities to explore the arts, media, and other culturual avenues and assist them in having a voice and help provide avenues for them to get involved in creating new community projects.

~~ UPDATES ! ~~

Whilst there's still a good chance come Saturday night the climate in the region the event will be held in may be fine! We are prepared in the event of wet weather. We will have plenty of carpet as well as plenty of undercover areas to keep people dry as possible in such circumstances! The path in is also quite rain-friendly, so should not present a problem, and the party site is sheltered from any strong winds.

The site which will be used for this party belongs to Worimi Aboriginal people which we have gained permission from (in collaboration with the local council) to use this site, so we would ask all people to please respect the land.


THIAGO MIRANDA (Alkaloid Productions/Vertigo Records, Brazil)

SATANSTOENAIL (Somatica, Melbourne)

GHETTAFUNKT (Gi'iwa Records, Byron Bay)

GAPPEQ (Ketuh Records)

Alongside a selection of talent hailing from Sydney, Wollongong, and Newcastle...

The Psychedelia Stage:

- Sunrunner Vs Sol Connection (Electric Power Pole Records)
- Darkchild (BEEF Records, T-Quest) Vs Galaktik (T-Quest)
- Agent23 (Illuminati Records)
- Sensum (ZMA Records)
- Simon (Zenon Records)
- Mash (Underground Gravity)
- Cyberwlf (Nabi Records)
- Substance (DarkFaction)
- bio[diversity] (R.E.G.E.N)

The Alternate Beats Stage:

- Brownee
- The Professor (Elixir)
- Abstract New Dimensions (Elixir, Clan Analogue)
- Bounce (Warehouse Massive)
- bio[diversity] (Dub set)
- Kundalini (Elixir)
- Quotient (Lvl-3)
- LSDJ (Lvl-3)
- Traveller
- Surian

(Featuring a mixture of electro/dub/dnb/reggae/jungle/chill)

Throw off the mind-forged manacles and turn to see what makes those flickering shadows on the walls of your inner cave. Break through the narrow chinks of your cavern and join the whole in celebration of the eternal dance of the universe in this outdoor full moon psychedelic trance gathering. Delivering a line-up packed with psychedelic night through to psychedelic morning music!

We will be giving away free copies of the Nabi Records compilation Run Motherfucker Run to random people who arrive at the party before midnight! So for your chance to grab yourself one of the free copies get there early!

FOOD: You will be able to get yourself a delicious feed at the BBQ run by Stu-e/T-Quest, grab a hot freshly brewed coffee at Luke's coffee stall, or visit the Demeter Chai and Munchies stand to grab yourself other hot and cold drinks and snacks on offer.

SOUND: Experience the solid sound and quality of the powerful KV2 rig, tuned and tweaked to perfection through the talent of Secret Weapon. Sound and lighting sponsored by Silhouette Sound!

DECOR: Psychedelic playground decorated from the likes of the Flutterby, Warehouse Massive crew and more!

VISUALS: The combined talents of one of Sydney's most established VJs from Eyebyte Visuals collaborating with the skilled creativity of the VJ fractalicious (of ReZidue fame)!

COST: $27+bf pre-sales, more on the door! Pre-sales available from: Psydeways (Newtown) - 480 King St Newtown - 9565 1828, In Denial (Glebe) - 74 Glebe Point Rd Glebe - 9571 8521 , Electric Monkeys (Bondi Beach) - 78-80 Gould St Bondi Beach - 9365 6955, or www.moshtix.com.au

DIRECTIONS: Call (02) 9294-6814 on the night for directions, or check the website!

WEBSITE: http://www.australiens.net/whatson/981/

Please come prepared appropriately for spending a night in the great Australian outdoors!

The event will feature first aid and licensed security. In the event of rain, cover will be provided.

Please come prepared appropriately for spending a night in the Australian outdoors!

More details about SquareOne:

SquareOne was first conceived by a group of young media-makers in 2002 who were inspired by the example of the Octapod space in Newcastle and all the projects, including the This Is Not Art Festival.

Identifying the lack of support locally for such projects which provide opportunities for new youth projects to be created and grown, they set about making it happen. Applying for a government grant to the Foundation for Young Australians, they received $150,000 in seed funding over three years, and by January 2005 had already started putting the plan into action. The project is intended to reach realisation and be open this space to the public by November 2006

For more details check out the website here: www.s1.org.au

Artist/DJ Profiles:

THIAGO MIRANDA (Alkaloid Productions/Vertigo Records, Brazil):

Thiago Miranda, at the age of only 18, has developed a reputation from those in Australia who have been witness to his skills of delivering both night and morning music sets containing solid psychedelic elements together with a flowing storyline which keep a positive and uplifting vibe.

He has received resounding positive feedback and has been seen at large Australian outdoor parties in Sydney/Melbourne/Byron Bay including his only other previous set in Sydney headlining the NYE Doof Experience 04/05 event, and has also played in more recent times at the highly successful outdoor parties Somatica and Royal Doof 3
in Melbourne.

His events back home in Brazil have featured the likes of Penta, Nowhereman and Baphomet Engine. He is currently working on a dark psychedelic trance compilation for the Australian Psychedelic Trance label Alkaloid Productions.

Thiago Miranda will be playing both back2back with Agent23 (Illuminati Records) and solo at this event.

GHETTAFUNKT (Co-Manager of Gi'iwa Records, Byron Bay):

Peta is best known for her blend of multi-genre psychedelic trance. Playing full on night time madness to booty shakin morning mayhem. Her diverse taste in music combines funky bass lines and twisted melodies, but still keeping with the essence of the trance-dancefloor. She co-manages Gi'iwa Records with Reece (aka. Neuron Compost).

Peta's unique style has seen her play in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Nth NSW & in 2005 when she travelled abroad djing in Romania @ Transylvania Calling Festival and Omni Festival in Spain. Peta's *slightly* left of centre sets will leave you wondering "What the fuNkt was that?". In 2006 she continues her existing success playing at many of the biggest psychedelic trance parties around.

SATANSTOENAIL (Somatica, Melbourne):

A favourite amongst local fans of psychedelic night music, Brad aka Satanstoenail hails from the Melbourne crew Somatica. His previous sets in Sydney (including the previous A 'wlf production! / PsyKe Out party Psykedelic Therapy 2) demonstrated his abilities and skills in this area where he without a doubt managed to keep people glued to the dancefloor with his selection of solid psychedelic night music.

He has a long history with music both inside and outside of the Psychedelic Trance scene. Aside from playing some of the largest events in his hometown of Melbourne alongside many different international, interstate, and local artists and DJs, he also has a history of being involved with various bands, his own long-running community radio show, and more. This experience has provided him with a variety of influences and skills which he brings into every set he plays.

Satanstoenail will be playing a back2back set with Cyberwlf (Nabi Records) at this event.

GAPPEQ (Ketuh Records):

Needing no introduction, in his time here in Australia this Czech born artist has won many fans at his previous performances. He has featured at various Sydney and interstate parties (including the previous A 'wlf production! / PsyKe Out party Psykedelic Therapy 2), New Zealand, and at parties in Europe including many back home in the Czech Republic.

Gappeq aka. Jiri Tomasek, already has many releases on Ketuh Records. His music ranges from slower dark atmospheric sounds through to storming twisted night time melodies. With a sound that is unique to him, he can elevate you from your realm self in to another dimension. He is a fully qualified musician, audio engineer and graphic designer and is currently working on his album for Ketuh records.


Available from...

* Psydeways (Newtown) - 480 King St Newtown - 9565 1828
* In Denial (Glebe) - 74 Glebe Point Rd Glebe) - 9571 8521
* Electric Monkeys (Bondi Beach) - 78-80 Gould St Bondi Beach - 9365 6955

Purchase them on-line here via the Moshtix website

Or via any of the following Moshtix locations...

- BALMAIN: Fish Records Balmain, 289 Darling St.
- BONDI BEACH : Electric Monkeys, 78-80 Gould St
- Bondi Junction: The Music Shop, Shop 5050, Level 5, Westfield 500 Oxford St
- COOGEE: Coogee Bay Hotel, CNR Arden & Coogee Bay Rd
- DARLINGHURST: Central Station Records, Upstairs 46 Oxford St
- GLEBE: Fish Records Glebe, 47 Glebe Point Rd
- GOSFORD: Leading Edge Music, Shop 10M Imperial Centre
- HAMILTON - NEWCASTLE: Beaumont Street Beat, 3 / 34 Beaumont St
- LEICHHARDT: Fish Records Leichhardt, 51 Norton St Norton Plaza
- MOSMAN: Fish Records Mosman, 5 Vista St
- NEWTOWN: Fish Records Newtown, 261 King St
- NOWRA: Hewlett's Record Bar, Shop 4, Rodway Arcade
- PARRAMATTA: Beat Disc, Shop 11 181 Church St
- PENRITH: Re-Pressed Records, 4/521 High Street
- SYDNEY CBD: Red Eye Records, 66 King Street
- WARRIEWOOD: Leading Edge Music, Shop 56, Centro
- WOLLONGONG: Redback Music, 133 Crown St

Related links:

Alkaloid Productions - http://www.alkaloid.biz/labelindex.htm
Gi'iwa Records - http://www.giiwa.com/INDEX.HTM
Ketuh Records - http://www.ketuhrecords.com

So come party with us for this great night in the outdoors!


Head for Stockton/Nelson Bay. This involves either getting onto Industrial Drive and taking the Tourle street bridge or turning off Maitland Road at Mayfield down Werribi Street, turning right at the end (onto Industrial Drive), then left onto the Tourle Street bridge.

Head past massive wind generator on right until you reach the roundabout where you turn left towards stockton and Nelson Bay.

Go over Stockton Bridge and continue through new roundabout into 100kmh zone.

After roughly 8km the 100km zone ends just before a roundabout with a service station on right.

Turn right at roundabout into Lavis Lane

Lavis Lane continues for a little while, it will alternate between tar/dirt road. There will be a house on your right then one on your left. Opposite the house on the left there will be a beach access road.

Turn right into beach access road and stop at the large car park, this is the designated carpark for the party. Do not try to drive past here or you will encounter a high risk of getting bogged!! Please park considerately and try to maximise the amount of parking spaces for others .

DO NOT drive past and park else we may have to spend all night pulling cars out of the sand like other times out here!


Get onto Sydney to Newcastle Freeway. Travel the full distance of the freeway, going past the exits to Cardiff and Newcastle.

There is a roundabout at the end of the freeway at Beresfield. Turn right on this roundabout towards Newcastle and Hexham. (This will turn into the New England Hwy which becomes Maitland Rd at Hexham).

Continue through Hexham (Hungry Jacks will be on right), and drive for about 7 kms until you reach a set of lights with Industrial Drive on your left which heads towards Mayfield West and Nelson Bay. Take this turn to the left. (If you reach a long shop lined street you have gone missed the turn and gone too far!)

After about 1.2km you'll come to a larger set (2nd set) of traffic lights.

Turn left at lights onto Tourle St towards Williamtown & Nelson Bay

Go past big wind turbine on your right then turn left at next roundabout towards Stockton.

Over Stockton Bridge, through Fern Bay, through new roundabout into 100kmh zone.

After roughly 8km 100km zone ends just before a roundabout with service station on right.

Turn right into beach access road and stop at the large car park, this is the designated carpark for the party. Do not try to drive past here or you will encounter a high risk of getting bogged!! Please park considerately and try to maximise the amount of parking spaces for others .

DO NOT drive past and park else we may have to spend all night pulling cars out of the sand like other times out here!

Sound: Tuned to perfection by Secret Weapon. KV2 goodness!

Lighting: Atmospheric and trippy

Decor: A combination of the creative talents of Flutterby, Warehouse Massive, and more!

Ticket Info: $27+bf pre-sales, more on the door. Visit Moshtix (www.moshtix.com.au), Psydeways (Newtown), Indenial (Glebe), and Electric Monkeys (Bondi Beach) for pre-sales!

Contact Email: awlfproduction@yahoo.com.au

Phone: Call (02) 9294-6814 on the night for directions!

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