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Chromatone(USA), Dj Kayo (Japan)

Chromatone(USA), Dj Kayo (Japan)

Date: Friday 1st October, 2010 - Saturday 2nd October, 2010
Time: 10:00 PM - 5:00 AM
State: Victoria
Venue: Roxanne Parlour


Soundkraft Records

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DJ Kayo


Hey all, Hope you all had a cozy winter. It is our 3rd birthday this year and we want to celebrate with you. Featuring a stellar line up including our international headliners Dj Kayo (Japan) on debut in Melbourne, and the much loved Chromatone (USA). [img][/img] [img][/img] [b][size=150]DJ KAYO[/size] (Japan)[/b] [img][/img] Kayo was born and brought up in Tokyo with plenty of musical moments in her early days. During her childhood, she learnt to play piano, Eurhythmics and classic ballet which gave her tonnes of on-stage experience. She always loved classical music and her interests only grew to include other genres such as alternative rock and metal. As a teenager , the days of 'Acid house' and 'Goa trance' were not to be missed, and in 2004 she developed a passion for Psytrance on the neaches of Goa. On her return to Japan in 2005, she got involved with many music and lifestyle festivals as a member of the Psy 16 crew and performed alongside some talented names like SunControlSpecies, Cosmosis, Mr. Peculiar, Phat Kontrollerz, DNA, D-Tek, U-Reckon, Quantum, Hyperception, Intersys, Vishnudata, Hydraglyph, Chromatone, Slum, Ancient Beach, and Optokoppler, just to name a few. In 2007, she joined Sonic Traveler Music as their label DJ, while she also promoted the culture as a translator and editor for their free bilingual psytrance music and culture magazine. She was also a resident DJ for the famous 'Guerilla Party' organizers 'Raligerila', playing at their monthly Guerilla psytrance events to packed dance floors, in Yoyogi Park (the center of Harajuku), gave her recognition in the Japanese trance circuit. Her style is often described as seamless and mesmerizing, whether it is a night time stomper or a morning euphoric journey topped with melodies. A versatile DJ with great skills in Progressive Trance, Techno, Breaks, Minimal, Tech and psytrance, DJ KAYO as a label DJ for Soundkraft Records (AU) , is a promising act and her performances leave her audience spell bound. [url][/url] [b][size=150]Chromatone[/size] (USA)[/b] [img][/img] L. Hoffman, a San Francisco native who has been producing electronic music for well over a decade. Working as a professional audio consultant, producer, and mastering engineer for many labels with a growing list of clients. A local favorite of SF, Chromatone has surprised countless audiences around the globe, with his buoyant energy, brilliant beats, and positive vibes. Highlights include: Surround Sound Live at Burning Man Festivals 2003+05, Symbiosis 2006+7, and Boom Festivals 2004+06 Portugal, Full Moon Germany 2005+6+8, ZOOM 2004 and Time Gate 2007 Switzerland, and many other appearances during a near constant 2 year tour in Europe. His premier performance in Brazil was at the glorious Universo Paralello 8. Working in partnership with Vaporvent Records, Chromatone made 2 impressive Vaporize compilations and an album Chromaconnection, including collaborations with famous acts like Earthling, Digital Talk, CPU, Random, and many SF artists. Other Land mark projects: the Virtual Vortex DVD featuring music video projects with Altom, Earthling, and Dr Spook. The Mechanik Castle Double album produced in a French Chateau with Neuromotor, Hyper Frequencies and Phatmatix, was a huge success and a new progression of trance for 2004. Chromatone trax have appeared on hot Spanish labels: Nutek, Spun, and Materia rec. Others on Fractal Rec. CH, Time Code, Acidance, Mind Funk, and Noise Poison. Now signed to Nano Rec. to better illuminate his future sophistication of music. [url][/url] [b][size=150]Faeorin[/size] (Melbourne) [/b] [img][/img] Faeorin is the coming together of the two ends of the earth. Javier Ponce Alvarez (aka DJ Chwen) is a Mexican DJ and audio engineer. His partner, Jess Stafford has grown up playing a swath of different instruments and reveling in jazz, rock, folk, blues, pop, world music and any other strange acoustic sounds that tickle her fancy. They met and fell madly in love in Mexico in 2006 and in 2008 created their project Faeorin to encompass both their firm belief in the magical and the surreal, and their love of music in all its multifaceted brilliance. Since their live debut at Ostara Festival in September 2008, Faeorin have had fantastic support from the Australian electronic music scene with bookings both throughout Victoria and interstate including Ostara Festival 2009, Spiral Harmonics Festival, Renaissance Festival, Diaspora II, Interview’s Color of Sound, Earthdance Hobart 2009 and Tribeadelic Festival 2009-10, Maitreya Festival 2010, Rhythmic Earth Festival 2010 and Cairns Winter Solstice Festival 2010, just to name a few. In September 2009, Faeorin released their debut EP "Doll House Opera" through Highly Evolved Records, which had a number 1 track on Dance Music Hub Psytrance charts for several weeks. Faeorin also have their second upcoming EP release "State of Zen" on Headstick Digital, which is due for release on 4 May 2010 and have recently released a single on the Uxmal Records compilation “Mexican Progressions 2”. In addition, Faeorin will be releasing another EP with Headstick Digital "Heart's Core" in August 2010. [url][/url] Tickets :


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