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Date: Friday 9th July, 2010 - Saturday 10th July, 2010
Time: 10:00 PM - 6:30 AM
State: Victoria
Venue: The Mercat (upstairs), 456 Queen St (opposite Queen Vic Market), Melbourne


Déjà Vu Events

Live Acts

Dark Nebula (Digital Psionics / Byron Bay) album launch live, Psywalker (Digital Psionics / Byron Bay) live, UFO (Dark Nebula vs Psywalker / Byron Bay) Melbourne debut, Luna Orbit (Dark Nebula / Byron Bay), Luke Psywalker (Digital Psionics / Byron Bay) DJ set, Terrafractyl (Sundance Records) 2 hours live!


UFO (Dark Nebula vs Psywalker / Byron Bay) Melbourne debut, Luna Orbit (Dark Nebula / Byron Bay), Luke Psywalker (Digital Psionics / Byron Bay) DJ set, , Player One (Dooflex Records / Cairns), Endure (Player One side-project), Juiced (Psy-Evolutions)!


Déjà Vu Events proudly presents Exogenesis... ...prepare to get astronomically cosmic with several of Melbourne's absolute favourite psychedelic producer/DJs as we embark on an inter-stellar and pan-dimensional trip to the farthest reaches of the Omniverse! Ishtar Funktion One sound system! Psychedelic decor by Larva of the Butterflies! Tripped-out visuals by Psycurbadelic and other VJs! __________________________________ EXTRA-TERRESTRIALS: Dark Nebula (Digital Psionics / Byron Bay) album launch live!, Psywalker (Digital Psionics / Byron Bay) live!, U.F.O. (Luna Orbit B2B Luke Psywalker / Byron Bay) DJ set!, Luna Orbit (Dark Nebula / Byron Bay) DJ set!, Luke Psywalker (Digital Psionics / Byron Bay) DJ set!, EARTHLING-HYBRIDS: Terrafractyl (Sundance Records) 2 hours live!, Hypnagog (Terrafractyl side-project / UP Records) live!, Mental Extensions (Terrafractyl & David Kastner co-production / UP Records) album launch live!, Player One (Dooflex Records / Cairns) Endure (Player One side-project) Juiced (Psy-Evolutions) __________________________________ FREE ENTRY TICKET COMPETITION: Answer the following question for a chance to win one of five double passes... Q: What is the name of your favourite track by Dark Nebula? You can find a list of his releases with streaming audio samples for each track at or, and hear several tracks in full on his MySpace profile. To enter the draw please email your answer to before 6pm on Friday 25th June! __________________________________ X-FILES: ~ Dark Nebula (Digital Psionics / Byron Bay) album launch live! ~ Luna Orbit is the DJ and Creative force behind Dark Nebula. Luna Orbit has been playing Psytrance to dancers for the past 10 years. His experience has enabled him to tap this information, creating authentic sounds into a solid trance frame. Dark Nebula evolved out of the Digital Psionics Studio based in Byron Bay, Australia in 1998. Dark Nebula is a unique sound, trademarked by an innovative, original style. Dark nebula has had great success with 7 albums and an ambient album under the alias Orbit Constructions. Dark Nebula has had many releases on compilations around the globe releasing on labels like Parvati, Spirit Zone, Space Tribe Music, Temple Twisters, Northern Psylight, Digital Distortion, Inpsyde Media, Vision Records, Sundance, and Digital Psionics just for starters. Dark nebula has also built a strong reputation with powerful live sets playing at parties across the globe such as Boom Festival (Portugal), Sonica (Italy), Summer Never Ends Festival (Switzerland), Rainbow Serpent (Melbourne), and Splendor in the Grass (Byron) to name a few. With the recent Dark Nebula album 'Weird Sound Generator' hot on his tail, Dark Nebula can be expected to bring you a full powered ride of your life, with his amazing live set and dj performance. Check out his profile on at, his MySpace profile at, or ~ Psywalker (Digital Psionics / Byron Bay) live & Luke Psywalker DJ set! ~ Luke Psywalker's music is best described as psychedelic soundscapes for the twilight hours. From Byron Bay, Luke is one of Australia’s longest standing and finest psychedelic DJ/producers. Luke began DJing at parties in the Byron Bay in 1995, and has since played at countless parties and festivals around the world, with performances in Portugal, USA, New Zealand, Mexico, Austria and Japan. Some of Luke's gig highlights include Summer Dreaming (N.S.W.) 2000 - 2004, Boom Festival (Portugal) 2000, Psychic Reaction (Austria), Tribeadelic Gathering NYE (Vic) 2005, Exodus (NSW) 2003, and he has also featured as a guest DJ on Triple J radio's weekly dance music show 'Mix Up'. Luke is also the label DJ and co founder of the renknown psytrance record label Digital Psionics, as well as being a label DJ for Spectral Records (Portugal), and Space Tribe Music (UK). In 2002 Luke began working in the studio with pioneer psy trance producer Space Tribe, with their debut collaboration release ’Tweaked Eyeballs’ being released on Space Tribe's album ’Heartbeat’ in 2002. Since then Luke has released his debut album 'Inverted Virtigo 'Feb 08', which builds a platform high above the psychedelic sky where rainbows of sound meet a storm both powerful, and yet so unique and twisted! He also has several other solo tracks, along with a host of collaboration tracks with Space Tribe and with Dark Nebula on various compilations and albums! Dark Nebula, Luke Psywalker, UFO, Terrafractyl, Mental Extensions + more! Psywalker and Dark Nebula recently formed a production and performance side-project called U.F.O. that will have its Melbourne debut performance at this party! Check out his profile on at, his MySpace profile at, or ~ UFO (Dark Nebula vs Psywalker / Byron Bay) Melbourne debut! ~ UFO is a new side-project of Dark Nebula and Psywalker, who have combined forces to produce cutting-edge dancefloor orientated audio chemistry... with the release of their debut track 'Weekend at Olli's' ( being released on Digital Psionics compilation 'Psionic Substance' and more tracks already under construction using unidentified flying technology, their debut Melbourne performance will be a show not to be missed! ~ Terrafractyl (Sundance Records) 2 hours live & Hypnagog (Terrafractyl side-project / UP Records) live! ~ Felix Greenlees aka Terrafractyl has been playing and writing music for as long as he can remember. Brought up on a diet of Classical, Opera and Jazz, he eventually went on to play Bassoon in several professional orchestras around Australia. He has also played piano for most of his life, and was over the moon when he discovered a genre of music into which he could incorporate all the different types of music he had grown to love. It was called Goa-trance. He never looked back, and is now one of the most prominent and sought after psytrance performers in Australia. He has performed at most of the major festivals in Australia, and has been in constant demand for all around the country to play at parties of all shapes and sizes for several years. He is also one of our hottest exports, most recently Felix played at festivals for Vertigo records in Russia and Ukraine. His debut album was released on Sundance Records and he has released tracks on compilations for five labels around the world including Sundance, Vertigo, Adapted, Regen, and Psynuematix records. He also has upcoming releases on Millenium records, Morning monsters and Up records. Lately Felix has been spending more time expanding his other projects, Mental extensions, Hypnagog and Free Standing Pickles, but psytrance is wedged firmly in his soul... and, he suspects it may always be! He has been hard at work putting the finishing touches on the Mental Extensions debut Album 'Inner Reality' released recently on UP records, and is also working on the 2nd Terrafractyl album to be released on Vertigo Records! Previous parties Felix has played at include Dream is Destiny (NSW) 2006, Organik Magik (VIC) 2007, Transcend (TAS), Phonoscopoe (VIC), Shitz and Gigglez 4 (NNSW), Royal Doof 4 (VIC), Winter Solstice (FNQLD), Get hip to the 3rd Ear trip (VIC), Ostara Festival (VIC), Quantum Relic (QLD), Tribeadelic NYE (VIC) 2008, Maitreya Festival (VIC), Diaspora (VIC), Royal Doof 5 (VIC), Magical Mania (NNSW), Some think Different (WA), Spiral Harmonics (VIC), Oogie Boogies (QLD), Ostara Fextival (VIC), Tribeadelic NYE (VIC) 2009, Exodus Festival (NSW), Spiral Harmonics (VIC), Up recs present: Headroom (NSW), Rhythmic Earth (NSW), Diaspora II (VIC), Phat Camp (WA), Bent Perception (NSW), Noise Poison (VIC), Terrafractyl Album Launch (TAS), Royal Doof 6 (VIC), League of Spiritual Discovery (Crimea, Ukraine), Fractal Ocean (Moscow, Russia), Dragon Dreaming Festival (ACT), Psymatic Experiment (NSW) 2010, New Psycle (NSW), Twisted Evolution (NSW), and Rainbow Serpent Festival (VIC)! Check out his MySpace profile at, or __________________________________ Hypnagog is a new experiment of Felix Greenlees' (Terrafractyl, Mental Extensions). After years of writing Psychedelic dance music and experimenting with plenty of other sonic forms, Felix has recently been listening to a lot more downtempo psychedelic breaks, IDM and the like, and felt it was time to combine these styles with his own to create a hybrid, beat driven yet melodic sound! RELEASED TRACKS Dreaming in Pieces (EP) -=- UP Records (2009) picture Deadly Yellow -=- V/A Peace and Love 2 -=- Vertigo Records (2009) picture Some Think Different -=- V/A Some Think Different -=- UP Records (2009) Compiled by Molecule UPCOMING RELEASES Circuit Breaker -=- V/A Holographic Waves -=- Peyotii Records (2010) Compiled by Siensis Check out his MySpace profile at, or __________________________________ ~ Mental Extensions (Terrafractyl & David Kastner co-production / UP Records) album launch live! ~ Felix Greenlees and David Kastner both forged their musical skills in the lush Tasmanian wilderness before moving to Melbourne. Dave has been studying the properties of medicinal plants for many years and has found a way to bring the spirit of these plants directly into his percussive experiments, which can best be described as eclectic, weird and wonderful. Felix has been writing and playing electronic music around Australia for several years as Terrafractyl, and brings his own distinctly twisted melodies to merge with all manner of different beats. The music of mental extensions can be described as experimental dub infused psychedelic breaks with a twist of trance. A live performance will typically see Felix mixing things up on the Laptop with a synth or two on the side while Dave bangs out all sorts of strange sounds on some kind of magical electric box! RELEASES Drive -=- V/A Up and Away -=- UP Records (2008) Compiled by RAZ Intangible -=- V/A Peace and Love 2 -=- Vertigo Records (2009) Inner Reality -=- Debut Full Length Album -=- UP Records (2009) Check out their MySpace profile at, or __________________________________ ~ Player One (Dooflex Records / Cairns) & Endure (Player One side-project) ~ Player One is Dwayne Banham from Cairns. Dwayne's involvement in DJing and organizing outdoor events began in 2002 after being inspired by Cairns' notorious underground scene and the greater Australian outdoor festival circuit. Now based in Melbourne, he is focused on his own production as well as DJing. With a wide-spread reputation for being fully committed to his music, 2006 saw him welcomed into the Israeli based Dooflex Records family as their Australian label DJ. Over the years Dwayne has performed alongside many local legends, as well as international artists including Freakulizer, E-Jekt, U-Recken, Nitro, Hallucinogen, Entropy, Eduardo, Triptich, Antix, Infected Mushroom, Beat Bizzare and stacks more. Week after week Dwayne delivers quality full-on morning psy/progressive psytrance to Australian dancefloors including an intensely tribal dawn set at Rainbow Serpent Festival 2010, and creating full-on mayhem at Déjà Vu Events' rocking party at Brown Alley on March 19th featuring Zen Mechanics and Hyperception! ~ MORE EARTHLING-HYBRID BIOS WILL BE PUBLISHED SOON THANKS TO WIKILEAKS.COM ~ ______________________________ MORE INFO: If you want updates about all our events, ticket specials, party pics, etc, please join our official FaceBook group at or follow us on Twitter at You can also befriend us on FaceBook at, or on MySpace at, and if you like what we do at Déjà Vu, please become a fan on our official FaceBook page at Please invite your FaceBook friends to come to this party, share it on your wall, and in messages!~) Thanks very much in advance for your help! You can also organise a discount for up to 25 friends while also earning a personal commission on each ticket sold through your recommendation, eg, by inviting your FaceBook friends, posting it on your FB profile wall, on your MySpace profile, in forums, or on any other website, on Twitter/MSN, etc, via ;~)


Ishtar Funktion One


Psycurbadelic and others


Larva of the Butterflies

Ticket Info

~ A limited number of $15 (inc GST & booking fee) On-line Early-Bird Discount tickets are now available from ~ $20 (inc GST & booking fee) Pre-Sale tickets are now available on-line from, and from these shops: * Alley Tunes, 660 Glenferrie Rd, Hawthawn. (03) 9819 9449 * Inacoma, 149 Maroondah Hwy, Ringwood. (03) 9879 4944 * Ministry of Style, 348 - 350 Brunswick St, Fitzroy. (03) 9419 4952 ~ $30 Pay-On-Entry Discount tickets are also now available in shop and from Déjà Vu crew soon, or send names to ~ More on the door after 11pm... a limited number of full-price General Admission tickets will be available for door-sales on the night.





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