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Deep Space

Deep Space

Date: Friday 22nd May, 2009 - Saturday 23rd May, 2009
Time: 8:00 PM - 4:00 AM
State: ACT
Venue: Mercury Bar


Sideproject Events

Live Acts

Digital Spectrum


Dante, Alex vs Tarik, Loose Cannon, Alamout


Sideproject returns with a night of dark psy-trance and techno


Deep Space Friday 22nd May at Mercury Bar 8pm-4am Entry: $15 Artists and Set Times: 8pm - Dante (techno set) 9:30pm - Alex vs Tarik (dark and funky psy set) 11:30pm - Loose Cannon (dark psy set with turntablism, samples and fx) 1:00am - Digital Spectrum (live) 2:30am - Alamout (dark psy set) 4:00am - End Body Art with Sarah Possible other acts TBC Sound: Servants of Sound Lighting: Aztek Productions Decor: Alex and Sideproject Crew Design: Tom Burdon Photos: Elena Thomas Mix CD: Drinking Coffee in Airports - Hyper-Caffeinated Psychedelia. New 16 track morning-psy mix from Incongruous. 40 copies to be given away on the night. Arrive early to secure your copy. Extras: Glowstix, lollies, fruit, candles, incense. We set the scene by travelling forward in time to the year 8652, over 6500 years since the year of “connection”. By 8652, technology is now so advanced that the original concept of the human being has faded into distant memory. Human-machine hybrids now rule – hybrids so integrated that it is hard to see where the human being stops and where the synthetic machine begins. With replaceable machine components taking over the role of traditional body parts, it became possible for human beings to live forever. Whilst the initial mechanical takeover of 2012 was regarded as evil, with microchips implanted into human flesh by members of secret societies with a lust for power and control, after a period human kind managed to overcome their enslavement to the powers of darkness and regain a sense of empowerment. This came about as a critical proportion of humankind realised that there was more to life than sensory gratification. Humans learnt that one did not have to fear having few material possessions as long as one was able to exist within a loving and supportive context, and this weakened the influence of money in driving human behaviour and the overpowering influence of the central banks and the international banksters. Upon coming to this realization, humans learnt how to modify the chips, use them cooperatively, and eventually, decided to grant the gift of enlightenment to the machines through an act of compassion and loving kindness. The machines now understood that the real world was not just another simulation. In 8652, even the notions of spirituality and consciousness, once considered by many to be unique human attributes, were well understood by the machines, such that they and the rest of the world exist in a permanent state of Dhyana, on a high plane of consciousness called Arupa-loka. Arupa-loka is characterised as 'perception without form' - a sphere of infinite consciousness and infinite space. It just so happened that on the Friday 22nd May 8652, the Canberra psy-trance community, who happened to still be kicking around, decided to get together to go for a ride on a space ship. We begin our journey into space at the loading dock. Friends and family arrive to see the adventurers off on their journey, having been notified of this momentous occasion by Tom's carefully designed flyer. Critical spaceship supplies are loaded on board. This includes our Warp 680 spaceship sound system engines run by the Servants of Sound crew, and our max-power laser lighting and guidance system run by Aztek Productions. Spaceship controls are setup jointly by UniVibes and the Servants of Sound crew. Our super-spaceship housekeeper, Alex, inspects every room on the ship and ensures that the magical decor energy emanates nicely from all populated areas. A farewell party is then held and everyone is in high spirits – the excitement of the journey and a few drinks, lollies and pieces of fruit have got many going. Others are content with a few grammes of Soma, the Government's preferred party prescription. Body art from Sarah and glowstix from Aztek productions have got everyone stocked up with all necessary party accessories, and happy snaps from Elena ensure that there will be plenty of memories of this occasion for years to come. The space shuttle launches, and we depart the Earth's atmosphere, on our way to the gamma quadrant. Dante, our first pilot, skillfully takes us into orbit and to the outer reaches of the solar system with a sik blend of techno beats. After cruising past Pluto (which still caused lively debate on the spaceship about whether it is actually a planet or not), Dante hands over to the co-captains, Alex and Tarik. However, despite their high skill in manifesting hard, dark, twisted and funky beats, one problem still persists. The two captains are fighting over control of the spacecraft. This fight is a continuation of a battle that has lasted over 6642 years. However, there must be love in the hypnotic psychedelic journey and there can really only be one shaman at a time. The two captains start to fight and argue, with one saying “oi seriously, give us a mix”, and the other saying “fully dude, just give us one more track!” The situation rapidly escalates, and despite Adam blowing the conch as hard as possible, sadly we witness a situation as much WWF as it is psy-trance. The argument becomes so brutal that eventually a fight erupts in the cockpit. In their anger, the captains bump the controls and the spacecraft starts to spin. Warning lights flash, the dials become scrambled. We veer off course at Warp 680. At this point, a max wikked sik radster is needed. Loose Cannon steps up. Loose, now the Universal Mega-Controller of the Intergalactic DJ Mega-Mix Systems, knows how to secure the situation. Despite securing the situation, Loose realises that he has work to do. The spacecraft is completely out of control and is flying at enourmous speed. Nebulas, stars, galaxies, super novae, black holes...all fly past rapidly. The music of Loose represents the colour and vibrancy of the living universe, with the blistering beats reminiscent of the super conductivity of dark matter. Spiritual, electric energy, delivered with an approach that instills confidence in the listener. At some point, we start to cross over into the outer reaches of the universe, and Loose hands over to Digital Spectrum. Burning plasma, whilst it can still be found, is starting to become less frequent, and we become aware that there seems to be an increasing amount of darkness relative to light. At this point, we realise that we have travelled back in time, and we are witnessing the formation of the first galaxies of the expanding universe. The driving, energetic sound of Digital Spectrum represents this young, unpredictable and expanding universe, the rapidly moving, dense and evolving matter formed from the big bang. An uncomfortable feeling slowly starts to arise as we realise that we are now a long way from home. Even with three high quality captains of the universal force guiding us, the ship is still out of control. The motion of the spacecraft is irreversible. We continue to move swiftly, into increasing darkness. There is nothing beyond the colour black. We start to become aware of our own thoughts. Distant memories of people and relationships pass through our mind. The experience of time further transforms. We no longer know how long we have been out here. At this point in time, brave captain Alamout takes us into the unknown, further than any human being has gone before, crossing over into the unseen depths of the universe. He delivers blistering beats to instill confidence in the crew despite having an awful awareness of impending hopelessness. We achieve a realisation that we are indeed, lost in deep space.


Servants of Sound




Aztek Productions


Alex and Sideproject Crew

Ticket Info

$15 on the door




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