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GOOBLE twooble

GOOBLE twooble

Date: Saturday 7th September, 2002
Time: 6:00 PM - 6:00 PM
State: Queensland
Venue: The Winery@Davies Park, cnr Jane&Montague, West End


Gooble Warming

Live Acts

Vinyl Slingers, Hexadecimal


Shadrach, Journeyman, Mo'lasses, Boogieman, B/T


Spring it on!! West Ends original all night party is on again!!


Spring it on!! West End's original all night party is on again, be it the first weekend in spring, Sat, September 7. Includes a free cd (recorded on the night) Lucky Door Prizes 2 Happy Hours 9pm and 12mid Bring your drum. bring your toys!! We've created 4 places to play in; Main Room L'UV Room (uv fantasy lounge) Dex the Verandah (tribal gathering space) Tipi'kn'Chill'um Chai (fire and drumming, massage, chai & Munchies) For all u uv l'uv'ers, your gonna l'uv whats in store. A complete uv makeover in the L'UV Room! ALSO... a new space outside, under the windows of the L'UV Room will be the Tipi'kn'chill'um Chai Zone - where drummers and twirlers can jam all night. Sit in the tipi, sip chai, nibble munchies and chill, OR get up and get right into it. A few kru will be doing massage and taro readings too. Not to mention DEX the deck, nestled up inside a monsterous fig tree, overlooking the river. Special installations here will give it a real tropical tribal vibe, with full view of the stage and dance floor! The main room is action central. Intelligent lighting, cosmic decor and a huge 6k sound system thumping out the infectious grooves! Gooble is brought to you by Gooble Warming and heaps of other kewl energetic ppl who have generously devoted their time to making fun. As a business we believe that it is a responsibilty to give back to all those who have supported us. Big ups to all of you!! This is for you all!!


enchanted forest & slinky neon

Ticket Info

$8/$6 zzz sub only Includes a free cd



07 3844 6006

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