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May The Fourth Be With You

May The Fourth Be With You

Date: Friday 4th May, 2012 - Sunday 6th May, 2012
Time: 5:00 PM - 4:00 PM
State: New South Wales
Venue: 2.5 hours West of Sydney




Audio Array Productions Is bringing you another crazy Wknd filled with some Pumping Electronic Music.


- Psy - DnB - Glitch - Dub - We will be starting out the weekend with some movies on the Friday night and heading into some tunes by the Very early hours of Saturday morning which will then continue up until Sunday afternoon. Dj/Producer lineup so far - San and Tac - LIVE (New Caledonia) - *From the mind of Tristan, born and raised ina small Island near Australia, come San & Tac! From an early age San had imaginary friends, who over time evolved into Tac .Being attracted by introspective melodics, weird colorful soundscape and the sounds from the world around them, - San & Tac will transport you out of the box and away from the cliché... oh yeah and they love bubbles! They started produce chill and breaks in 2008 after playing in a couple of island bands. the San & TacPsy project started in 2009 thanks to Vaeya that provided the technics needed to bring the sound to life. - Mult1verse - *The master behind the 'Mult1verse' project is Brodie G, also known as G-Funk for his slower tempo'd Electro/Funk/Trance & is located on the Gold Coast of Australia. Since 2006 this artist has been throwing out tasty and impressive style's of music, with an instrumental background and a pure fiend of music, you can really hear the musical talent's in his production. Known for giving the crowd rock-solid bass line's, and high energy melody's, with a simple but effective percussion rhythm. This melodic monkey has been seen playing at Festival's & Event's known as Splendour In The Grass 2010, Southern Oracle 10,11, Neelix (Brisbane), Bent Perception, Something Special, Alien Nation (NZ), Strange Brew 1,2, Loose Vibes, Moontopia, Just to name a few. Also playing along side act's such as, Neelix, Broken Toy, Deliriant, Nesono, Sensient, Antix, Tron, Sun Control Species, LCD Soundsystem, Art Vs Science, Miami Horror Dj's + many more. -G-Funk - *The funky monkey behind G-FUNK is Brodie Gibbon of Australia. He's been getting his ear's peeled on all variety's of music his whole life, being a musician from a young age & Lead Singer/Guitarist/Keyboard of his high school band, he was already well on his way to produce some funked out Electro Psy for the dance floor.. In late 2010 he was signed to Adapted Records & is extremely close to releasing his debut album (G-FUNK ~ Electrick Groove) - Phonetic System - (UK) *aka Simon Bismire is on the fast track to worldwide recognition. Co-owner of the ground-breaking UK record label Gamma Audio, renowned Dubstep producer and inspirational showman, the now London based producer smashed his way into the Dubstep scene in 2008, headlining at some of Sydney's best clubs and festivals, supporting some of Dubstep's best international and local artists and ...featuring on some of Sydney's finest Dubstep shows. As one of Australia's leading Dubstep producers, Phonetic has sparked the interest of international promoters, executing his immediate relocation to the UK. Phonetics productions have quickly scaled to new heights being signed to labels like Sub Culture Records [IT], Onset Audio [US] and featuring in cahoots with forefront artists like Dubtek, Metaphase, Soroka, Killeralien, B1t Crunch3r and more. He has supported the likes of Skream & Benga in Sydney, Australia and has been featured in Australia's largest electronic music publication. Joining forces with fellow Dubstep engineer Pietro Vassura aka KillerAlien, Phonetic is taking on the UK and touring with his auditory perception of melodic interference and static discharge. - Badgerman - *Ohmbat struggled out of the forrest as it hard for any creature to survive after it's birth resulted from a wombat faunicating a Badger. But Ohmbat prevailed to play brass instruments from a very young age and being able to sight read music by the age of 9. He then progressived onto playing guitar in which he became profficent after 7 year of playing and teaching lessons. Musical inspirations continued to appear after the Ohmbat briefly stumbled in the scene of psycadelic trance and knew it could dig a nice burrow and be safe amongst the strange creatures it found there. That brief visit turned into a long stay with the Ohmbat not only promoting and puting on these events currently, but creating his own type of Ohmbat wiggle from the musical inspirations he's picked up throughout his time in the burrow. - Rumpelstompskin - * is the psycadelic brain leakage of 23 year old Sydney based producer Connor Martin. Bridging the divide between progressive and full on. The Stompskin sound is influenced and incorporates all aspects of electronic music to create an auditory juggernaut of melodic psycadelica to felate your brain and abuse your feet. Interchanging between relentless driving sections of complex yet emotive overtones organically dropping into funk saturated grooves off moist and bendy bass manipulation always with a heavy emphasis on melody. Throw in a shit load of earthy percussion a touch of glitch and some more melody coz theres always more and u have yourself a Rumpelstompskin!!! - Kryptik - (aka, Cuzzy) *Daniel Green is Kryptik he began from Melbourne and travelled to the Northern Rivers and Cairns. His been well dosed with the Byron Bounce and has developed a style for the funky chunky morning cronic with a balance of night time Solid psy trance. The best way to describe Kryptik’s sets is driving funky, chunky SOLID psy. Kryptik's played many parties through out the coast line (REGEN, DRAGON DREAMING, Int New Caledonia, NEW PSYCLE,BENT PERCEPTION, LOVIN ERRT) to name a few and along side our own TOP Shelf local Artists & Djs. Signing to Solar Records and playing in New caledonia has been his highlight - Jeannie Solar - *After many years of Jeannie working with some of Australia's finest producers and Dj's, Jeannie has put together Solar Records to represent this unique Aussie and New Zealand sound...from the deep, rolling, dusty afternoon progressive, to the chunky, funky morning Byron bounce, the thumping dawn psychedelic, and the full on night psy. - Keirra Jade - *Is always on the cutting-edge of psytrance and this shines through when you experience one of her expressive and diverse range of sets - pumping out full on melodic right through to chunky night time psytrance. - Ahavamour - *Has been DJ-ing since 2006 and slowly been moulded into what he is today by the many Australian artists and musicians he has crossed paths with. You can expect nothing but the most amazing fresh sets from this beast of a man combining experimental dark progressive with funky soundscapes and a glitchy twist, his sets are not to be missed.. - Mnmlych *I am a DJ and Aspiring Producer in Brisbane. I started mixing when I lived in Canberra and I heard this mind boggling set by a local, "Anjay", about 4 years ago. I started out on my second hand set of Stanton T120's learning to mix whatever vinyl I could get my hands on. Now I enjoy spreading my musical inspiration over both mixing and producing, mostly, psychedelic music. My inspiration comes from all walks of life and music. Though Rock and metal have heavily influenced my production of electronic music. - Buddha http - *With such an eclectic taste in music, & over 17 years of experience, plus the natural ability to bring any dancefloor to life. - Forrest - *Musician/composer/producer Nick du Plessis of Sydney Australia. Blending elements of deep house, minimal techno and instrumental hip hop with jazz and traditional musicality to form music for the mind, the body and the soul, to dance, repair and restore hope - Tangent - *style incorporates driving bass and euphoric synth lines with elements of breaks and dubstep to create a fusion of genres and challenges the norm - often incorporating big bass breakdowns into driving psy tunes. - Ground Force - *Now being accepted into the Another Psyde Records label he is now on the mission to creat a deep melodic and bass shaking sound of his own to make the crowd get down and truley boogie to a flavoursome sound of morning glory and other deep minimal sounds. - Jangus Khan (UP Records - Cairns) - - Lysergic Dan - - Phsiris - - Tommy Kesh - - Drachemann - - Opsyris - - Dubstepticon - - Qore - - OddSox - - Loz Nonsense - - Bio Diversity - Chaos Incarnate (Secret Psyde Recs) - Reaction - Shae Martin (Live Didge set) - RawPsyde - Duplex - Wahoo - Repercussion - WookiJab !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SET TIMES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Friday Night: Movies and Chill tunes Saturday Morning: 6am - WookiJab - Cruisy Dub,DnB 8am - Opsyris - Morning Psy 9am - RawPsyde - Chunk Psy 10am - Forrest - Prog 11am - Mnmlych - Minimal 12am - Loz Nonsense - Glitch Hop 1pm - Drachemann - Glitch Hop 2pm - Tangent - Glitch Hop 3pm - Phonetic System - Dub 4pm - Qore - Dub 5pm - Duplex - PsyBreaks 6pm - Buddha - DnB 7pm - Tommy Kesh - DnB 8pm - OddSox - DnB 9pm - Dubstepticon - Dubstep 10pm - AdrianPsy - Night Psy 11pm - Groundforce - Night Psy 12pm - Keirra Jade - Night Psy Sunday 1am - Reaction - Night Psy 2am - Wahoo - Dark Psy 3am - Lysergic Dan - Dark Psy 4am - Badgerman - Chunk Psy 5am - Jangus - Morning Psy 6:30am - San n Tac- LIVE - Morning Psy 8am - Mult1verse - LIVE - Morning Chunk 9am - Kryptik - Morning Psy 10am - Rumpelstompskin - LIVE - Day Psy 11am - Phsiris - Live - Day Psy 12pm - Jeannie - Day Prog 1pm - G-Funk - Prog 2pm - Chaos Incarnate - Prog 3pm - Bio Diversity - Prog 4pm - Repercussion - Experimental


40k Rig by Audio Array Productions




Perspective Productions and JMB Productions


Vibravision, Audio Array and Perspective Productions

Ticket Info

$30 presales until April just PM me or email $40 on the Gate




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