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Minimal Criminal (Brazil) Live

Minimal Criminal (Brazil) Live

Date: Friday 11th October, 2013
Time: 10:00 PM - 5:00 AM
State: New South Wales
Venue: The Parlour - 163 Oxford St, Darlinghurst


esp and deep space

Live Acts

Minimal Criminal - Cosmic Conspiracy Recs, Hedonix - epp, cosmic conpiracy recs, Loose Canon - Act


Raptor, Vertical Transport, Batz, Loz


ESP & Deep Space present Minimal Criminal (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) Friday the 11th of October, The Parlour, 163 Oxford st Syd. Dress theme - SPACEY 10pm - 6am - 18+ event Line-up MINIMAL CRIMINAL (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) (Cosmic Conspiracy Records) Minimal Criminal is a Psygressive Trance project from Brazil. Valerio Zhyin and Bruno Echoes started the project in 2003 in Rio de Janeiro. They have several released tracks, both CD and digital, on labels such as Cosmic Conspiracy, Zenon, Halu Beats, Biosine, Vagalume, Planet Ben, Plusquam, Phantasm, Ovnimoon, and more.. Currently, Valerio lives in Tel Aviv, Israel, and Bruno lives in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Their full length album, "Minimus Maleficarum" , was released in November 2010 through Cosmic Conspiracy records. The digital release of the album came in 2011 and is still available online. HEDONIX (Cosmic Conspiracy Rec's / EPP Rec's) LOOSE CANNON (Solar Records, ACT) RAPTOR (ESP, Sydney) BATZ (Deep Space, Brisbane) VERTICAL TRANSPORT (Deep Space, Brisbane) LOZ NONSENSE (U.F.O Club, Sydney) Full color 3D lasers, Live Vj's, Amazing performers Plus heaps more to be announced..! This party will be a fully space themed event packed with cutting edge sound, performers, amazing psychedelic art installations and spaced out decor..! Prizes and give away's on night so dress Spacey if you dare..!




trippy n spacey


space theme - dep space

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