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Mother Nature

Mother Nature

Date: Friday 24th March, 2006 - Saturday 25th March, 2006
Time: 9:00 PM - 8:00 AM
State: ACT
Venue: check for more details and on the day for directions



Live Acts

Floattank, Buddha Pussy, Meow Tron


Shangri-la, No MSG, Finn, Stoj, Tomic, Discet, Incongruous, Hell Doofers


Autumn Equinox Festival


Join the god of Wine, Music and Dance, Dionysus, as he dances his last dance upon the Earth before his decent into the underworld as the Dread Lord of Shadows. A magical event set to inspire you to explore the hidden, inner parts of your soul. Close to Canberra, the legand of the ACT forest party sreads far and wide and returns after the disaster of the Canbbera Bush fires. Lasers, VJ's and Decor of the highest order.


DJ warehouse


VJ Insane, Darren Laser, LighterMassive Crew


Atomic Art, Party Pixi

Ticket Info

Only $10 at the tree



0416417602 at dusk for directions

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