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Outback Eclipse Festival

Outback Eclipse Festival

Date: Tuesday 3rd December, 2002 - Friday 6th December, 2002
Time: 10:00 AM - 12:05 PM
State: South Australia
Venue: Lyndhurst, South Australia


Exotic Natve

Live Acts

Eat Static/X-Dream/Reefer Decree/Antix/Pitch Black/ Waterjuice/Phoney Orphants/Fabel/Fractal Glider/ Mr Peculiar/Electric Fans/Grey Area and many more


Joti/James Monroe/Pena/Kostas/Matt Boom/Emok/Maru/Shingo/Noon/Pied Piper/A Certain Will/Sally Doolally/Barton/Jeppe/and many more


psychedelic mayhem to celebrate the 2002 total solar eclipse.


The Outback Eclipse Festival 4 day festival in the Australian Desert Lyndhurst, S.A December 3 – 6 2002 The Outback Eclipse Festival will see the desert come to life. Travellers from all over Australia and the world will gather on the line of totality in Lyndhurst to celebrate the solar eclipse 2002. Day will turn into night as the moon passes directly infront of the sun. This will be the best viewing point in the world to see this 100% solar eclipse. It will give people a chance to view a rare natural phenomenon amidst spectacular Australian desert landscapes. Over 70 international and local live acts and DJs, performing artists, crazy installations, MEGA SHADE, free drinking water, chillout village featuring geodesic domes.




Squiffy Vision


Soulworks/Metaform/Mutoid Waste/Supernatural/Jesster

Ticket Info

EARLY BIRD TIX AUS$70 + booking fee (see website) PRESALE AUS$99 + booking fee (see website)


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