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Date: Saturday 28th April, 2012 - Sunday 29th April, 2012
Time: 10:00 PM - 5:00 AM
State: Victoria
Venue: Mercat Cross Hotel . Melbourne


Solar Records

Live Acts

Logica. Digital Sun , One Tasty Morsel.


Jeannie Vs Kryptik, Felipe Cipriani, Pakman


Solar Records Presents Logica Tour (Vic)


SOLAR RECORDS PRESENTS, (( LOGICA )) THE MERCAT 456 Queen Street Melbourne <<<>>> Logica is the psy-trance act of the Petrillo twins Alok and Bhaskar. They have a certain pedigree not often seen in psy-trance being the sons of Swarup (aka. Vagalume Records/Universo Parallelo/The First Stone/Swarup's Brain) and Ekanta also a famous trance dj in Brazil. Its no surprise that their sound has been going from strength to strength ever since their first live set on the main stage at Universo Parallelo in 2005 at the age of 14. They have collaborated with many artists including Aphid Moon, Burning Noise, Cosmosis, Dick Trevor and Avalon. This year Alok is continuing to develop the style and sound which they created together but as a solo Logica artist. His production and style is morphing into new and interesting fields of trance which makes sure he is one of the most fully booked artist in the Brazilian psy-trance scene. SUPPORTING ACTS, ONE TASTY MORSEL ( Zenon Recs ) ( Melbs ) DIGITAL SUN aka (SUN TRIBE) (3rd Eye) (Melbs) JEANNIE Vs KRYPIK (Solar Records) (Syd) FELIPE CIPRIANI (Solar Records & Blunt) (Syd) PAKMAN (FOOL PROOF) (Melbs) SUPPORTING LABELS: 3RD EYE BLUNT FOOL PROOF ACTS BIOS, LOGICA Lógica é o projeto solo de Alok Petrillo, 19 anos. Filho dos renomados Dj's Swarup e Ekanta, iniciou carreira em 2007 ainda com a parceria de seu irmão, Bhaskar, onde 3 anos depois passou a conduzir sozinho suas produções. Assinando com os selos Vagalume e Liquid Records, faz do seu estilo uma característica própria, inovadora, experimenteal e ousada, exercendo forte influência em suas técnicas de produção unindo carisma a uma técnica invejável, garantindo sempre ótima colocação no ranking Beatport. Suas apresentações vão além de todo o território nacional, expandindo gigs na cena mundial ao participar dos principais festivais de musica eletrônica, alguns deles na Inglaterra, Alemanha, Lituânia, Holanda, Áustria, Estados Unidos, Chile, Peru, seguindo em ascensão com turnês marcadas na Europa e Oceania em 2011. Dispensando comentários ao representar o crew Universo Paralello, sua responsabilidade e versatilidade garantem uma excelente opção nas pistas que vão do "inserir vertentes". Conheça Lógica, muito além da psicodelia." ONE TASTY MORSEL OneTastyMorsel is the solo project of Paul van Morsel from Cairns, Australia. After the release of his first album Illogitechnicality, the OneTastyMorsel sound has continued to evolve. Drawing influences from other artists on Zenon records, Morsel has managed to blend an eclectic mix of minimal, proggressive trance, techno and electronica to form the sound that he is becoming so well known for today. Having recently spent time in the studio, crafting hours of new music for his upcoming new album "Distorted Perception of Sound", Paul is back with a new evolved OneTastyMorsel sound that will leave audiences wanting more. Releases : Illogitechnicallity 2008 Neva Tekno 4 an Answer 2010 RentaGasm - BushFood - Zenon Rec Ballistic (sensient) OneTastyMorsel Rmx - Sea of Vapours - Zenon Rec SubStandard - Primordial - Bio-Sine Rec Get Your Wide On - Permutations vol2 - Zenon Rec 2MoreBones - Small Talk - Zenon Rec Please Spread 'em (feat Waltone) - Expansion Pack - Open Rec Minimalisticism - The Mechanics of Awakening (comp. by Nomolos) Zenon IntoxicationStation - AnotherPsydeOftheMoon - AnotherPsyde Rec UpComing Releases : AntiSobrietySociety - RoutineJudgement - UpRec_Digital (outsoon) OneHitWonder - Solar Records (OutSoon) TTP (TastyThoughtProductions) 4TrackEp (OutSoon) OneTastyMorsel "DistortedPerceptionOfSound" out soon on Zenon DIGITAL SUN Digital Sun a cutting edge electronic music project created by DJ & Producer Ash Mohan. With an ear for fresh sounds and edgy electronica, Ash has created a unique style of dance music employing a tasteful mix of everlasting soundscapes, groovy rhythms and sharp synthesis, blended beautifully with soulful vocals and deep, techy atmospheres. The Digital Sun project is a unique blend of dance floor friendly flavors, ranging from deep tech house to progressive trance, all tailored for maximum groove and adaptable to many different environments. Equally at home purveying mind-melting melodies on the club floor or rumbling deep baselines through the trees in the most picturesque of outdoor gatherings, Digital Sun is a boundary pushing project with a contemporary mindset and an ear to the future of electronic music! JEANNIE, (Solar Records) Mixing deep Progressive, and Psy Trance. Tribal n Funky that smiles in the Sun, and Primal and Chunky Psy for transition to the morning. Owner of Solar Records, a new Australian Progressive and Psy Trance record label.Jeannie has been Playing vinyl since the age of 17 at parties and festivals across the globe including the Svihov Multi Media festival in the Czech Republic in 2006 alongside Etnoscope, and Deviant Species.Currently Jeannie is working on her own Label Solar Records, putting together her first compilation http://www.myspace/dj_jeannie KRYPTIK, Daniel Green is Kryptik he began from Melbourne and travelled to the Northern Rivers and Cairns. His been well dosed with the Byron Bounce and has developed a style for the funky chunky morning cronic with a balance of night time Solid psy trance. The best way to describe Kryptik’s sets is driving funky, chunky SOLID psy. Kryptik's played many parties through out the coast line (REGEN, DRAGON DREAMING, Int New Caledonia, NEW PSYCLE,BENT PERCEPTION, LOVIN ERRT) to name a few and along side our own TOP Shelf local Artists & Djs. Signing to Solar Records and playing in New caledonia has been his highlight. Dj & Producer PAKMAN, Djing psytrance around Victoria and the east coast of Australia for almost 10 years now. Patty has tuned both his skills and sound, to a level that makes his sets fresh, intelligent and unique. Patty balances in the grey area between psy and progressive and adapts his style to the feeling of any dance floor whether day or night. Patty also works as a promotor for the Melbourne crew Fool Proof which has given him an avenue for obtaining some of the more stealthy psy tunes circulating the scene both locally and internationally. VJ, vdmo Kstati Lights, In house MERCAT Sound System, FUTURE EVENTS, MAYAN (END TIMES PROPHECY) SUMMER SOLSTICE PAST EVENTS, In The Mix Review (launch Party) Lovin ERRT joint event For more Info please email, ENTRY<$$$ TBC


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